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8 Things You Probably Never Knew About Your Bladder

We tend to ignore our bladders a lot, that leads to us not knowing a whole lot about them. Our bladders are very complex things, and we might as well spend the time getting to know them, they’re with us our whole lives. Here’s eight things you didn’t know about your bladder.

Our pee often shows what we’ve had to eat within the past 12 hours or so. No, you don’t pee out pieces of hamburger or anything, but the smell and color can differ based on what you’ve eaten that day.

For example, asparagus is well known to give your pee a funky smell, and can also turn it a little green in color. Carrots can turn urine orange and rhubarb may tint it dark brown. So, before you freak out about your pee being off, think about what you’ve eaten that day.

Pee has always been thought to be very sterile. New studies have found that it usually isn’t, and can actually get infected. There is usually bacteria living in the bladder that makes your pee un-sterile. It was usually known that you can even drink your pee, don’t do this.

I don’t see a situation where you would ever want to do this but, if you are ever stranded in a desert, do not drink your pee if you have nothing else to drink. Urine is full of salt, which can make you more dehydrated. Also, the bacteria in it will only make the situation worse.

Both men and women have a urethra, which transfers urine from the bladder out of the body. The difference is the size of it. A man’s urethra is about 7 to 8 inches long and passes through the prostate gland and penis before emptying.

A woman’s urethra is only 1.5 inches long and is embedded in the vaginal wall. Since women have a shorter urethra, this explains why they more commonly have leakage while coughing, laughing, and sneezing.

When someone says they pee a lot because they have a small bladder, this isn’t really true. Bladders don’t vary much in size, but it could be how your bladder is acting instead of its actual size.

Feeling like you have a small bladder may have to do with how much your bladder can hold and how long you wait before peeing. Some people will sense bladder fullness at an earlier time than others, and that’s why they think they have a small bladder. You might get that message to pee very soon after it’s empty and starting to fill.

This is how often most people pee a day..

10 Impossibly Strange-Looking Animals That Don’t Even Seem Real

Sure, we all love walking down the street and seeing our neighbors walking their huskies and German shepherds, and even that one random person who got a cat to walk with a leash.

However, have you ever seen an animal that just made you stop in your tracks and go “what is THAT?!” Well, I can guarantee you if you saw one of these 10 critters in the wild, you definitely would.


The Bergamasco is an Italian dog known for getting hair mattes that grow to the point of looking like giant scales. Looks uncomfortable, right? Well actually, it’s not! The dog’s mattes are quite natural, and actually help shield it from wind and the cold.

Science Alert

There are plenty of bioluminescent (meaning they generate their own natural light) creatures in the ocean, but it’s only been in the last few years that researchers have found a species this huge. They think the glowing turtles use their light either as camouflage, or to communicate with each other.

Pets4Homes UK

The bedlington terrier looks like a poodle’s older cousin who moved to the big city and got really into punk rock, thanks especially to their naturally-forming mohawks. On the downside, they have the personalities to match, as they’re apparently known for being less than friendly with other dogs.


This basically looks like an armadillo and an anteater had a baby who’s really, really into heavy metal. Found throughout Asia and Africa, the Pangolin has a long tongue used to eat ants and termites, and it’s covered in a heavy keratin shell – the only mammal in the world to have this!

The critters just get more unreal from here…

12 Super Bowl Controversies We’re Still Talking About Years Later

This year, Justin Timberlake made a triumphant return to America’s biggest stage with a Super Bowl performance that was (almost) scandal-free.

But of course, we remember that the last time the singer appeared at the Super Bowl things didn’t go so smoothly. Let’s revisit the classic wardrobe malfunction, and 11 other times controversy struck the big game.


Appearing alongside Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, rapper M.I.A. stunned America when she flipped the camera the bird. NFL and NBC both apologized for the mishap, which drew more than 200 complaints.

[embedded content]

The football league later tried to sue M.I.A. over the controversy, but settled with the rapper out of court.

CBS Sports

Super Bowl I, take two. Yes, the very first Super Bowl featured a blooper that makes us shake our heads to this day. NBC was still on commercial when Green Bay kicked off the game’s second half. The network made the players start the third quarter over again for the TV audience.

Sports Illustrated

Another unbelievable but true story from Super Bowl I: Green Bay’s backup receiver, Max McGee, spent the night before the game at the bar. “I hope you don’t get hurt. I’m not in very good shape,” he told starting receiver Boyd Dowler before the game.

Of course, Dowler was injured in the second play, and a severely hungover McGee had to play in his place. Thankfully this Super Bowl “fail” had a happy ending: he had seven receptions and scored two touchdowns to help Green bay win the game.

Rogers Photo Archive

Buffalo Bills player Thurman Thomas had a unique game day ritual: he left his helmet sitting on the 34-yard line before each game, a reference to his player number, 34.

Unfortunately, nobody told the running back where they moved his helmet during Harry Connick Jr.’s national anthem performance. Thomas missed the first two plays of the 1993 Super Bowl before he found the headgear.


Super Bowl viewers had a field day on social media during Katy Perry’s halftime show in 2016, when they noticed one of her backup dancers was moving to the beat of his own drum.

The infamous “left shark” and his funky dance moves made headlines the next day. But in a new interview, the man inside the costume, Bryan Gaw, says everything went according to plan.

[embedded content]

“I’m in a 7-foot shark costume. There’s no cool in that. So what’s the other option? Well, I’m gonna play a different character,” Gaw said about his 15 minutes of fame.

NFL Films

Need proof that the Super Bowl halftime show has evolved over the decades? Just remember when we had to settle for Elvis Presto, the painfully bad stage magician who tried to wow audiences with “the world’s largest card trick.”

[embedded content]

To pull off the stunt, millions of pairs of 3-D glasses were handed out across America, but even they couldn’t bring any magic to this terrible show.

8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Like A Libra

If you’re born between September 22 to October 23, get your party hats on because you should be celebrating.

Why? Because you’re a Libra, a member of an elite crowd that is a cut above the rest.

Symbolized as scales (for balance), a Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object, proving that anyone born in its time frame is an incredibly unique individual. They’re someone so special it’s difficult to describe who they are in just words alone… but that doesn’t mean we won’t try!

Here’s eight qualities a Libra has that should be emulated by everyone.

Libras are always true to themselves and everyone around them. The age-old saying goes, “don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep,” and this sign follows that message to a T.

They would much rather be hated for being themselves than being loved for someone they’re not. They don’t crumble under peer pressure or get sucked into groupthink.

A truly creative and artistic soul, Libras have an eye for beauty, whether it be in something or someone. They love anything upscale and classy, but also know how to think outside of the box to have a good time.  

As one of the most compassionate zodiac signs, this air sign is a great listener and will offer you a shoulder to cry on. Their sympathetic nature will always come out when you need emotional support, making them extremely reliable friends or partners.

Libras value peace and harmony above all else. As they despise conflict, they know how to get a message across in a calm and peaceful manner. This sign has unique problem solving skills and know how to diffuse any tension or arguments around them.

9 Gross Things We all Do, But Would Never Admit To

We all have gross habits.. Some are grosser than others, but we all have some habits we all share. Here’s a list of nine we all do:

1. Letting the pan soak for way too long

No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves, no pan needs to be soaking for 48 hours. We’re just lazy and it is gross, especially when we finally get courage to wash it and have to deal with the nasty brown sink water.

2. Wearing the same bra too many times in a row

I don’t think anyone actually knows how many times it’s sanitary to wear the same bra before washing it, but everyone is definitely guilty of wearing one way too many times.

3. Drinking out of communal bottles of juice

I hope I’m not the only one who sneaks a sip straight out of the bottle of juice or milk when no one is around. It’s a disgusting and lazy habit to not just get a glass but it’s addictive. Also, I would be really mad if I found out someone else in my house was doing the same thing, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop..

4. Biting nails

The good thing is, it’s not harming anyone but ourselves with this gross habit, bad news is the amount of bacteria and gross stuff we’re putting in our mouths. If you bite your nails all the time and coincidentally are always sick, I think you have your answer as to why.

5. Pushing spilled ice under the fridge

My thought process when I drop an ice cube is always, “Yeah I could bend over and pick up that ice cube, or I could make it disappear forever with no effort,” obvious choice.

Steve Harvey’s Favorite Answer Of All Time – And 10 Other ‘Family Feud’ Secrets

America’s silliest question and answer game has a special spot in our hearts.

Since 1976, the show has been entertaining us with really dumb answers (even though we probably couldn’t do any better). If you watch Family Feud every day, you may be surprised by these 11 secrets about the show.

1. Boring families need not apply

Pioneer Press

As the show’s producer and head of casting Sara Dansby explains on the Family Feud website, you need to show your silly side to make it on TV.

“There’s no such thing as too over-the-top,” she explained. “Pick the most outgoing members of the family when putting together your team. We love loud and energetic contestants.”

2. They cut out a lot of wrong answers

[embedded content]

Each round begins with a face-off question where members of the competing families go head-to-head. What you don’t see on TV is that both players will often get a wrong answer.

If neither player gets their team on the board, both of them go back to their original positions, and they re-start the round with a new question, like nothing ever happened.

3. There’s a practice episode for both teams


Like Wheel of Fortune, the format of Family Feud can be a little complicated. To get players warmed up and familiar with the studio, both teams play a practice game on the set. There’s even a stand-in Steve Harvey who hosts the phony game.

4. Thank a host for raising the grand prize value

Former ‘Feud’ host Louie Anderson.SWC Bulletin

Older viewers will remember the Fast Money round used to award just $10,000. Producers didn’t want to raise the show’s grand prize until host Louie Anderson insisted.

Anderson grew up watching the show, and understood why people tune in at home: to see families win big bucks. “You’re rooting for those people who are playing, you really are,” he said.

5. They don’t tell you the survey is for Family Feud


Have you ever been called by Applied Research-West on the telephone? That’s the firm that takes the polls for Family Feud. They usually call and ask 30-40 questions which appear on the show in a month or less.

The bland name keeps people from giving really outrageous answers just to throw off the show.

6. A host got in trouble for his kissing habit

[embedded content]

As the show’s host in the ’70s, Richard Dawson was known for his bizarre habit of kissing the female contestants. Complaints poured in about Dawson’s behavior, and the host was forced to poll the audience to ask if he should stop.

The show’s producer, Howard Felsher, told The Washington Post, “I don’t remember the exact totals, but it was something like 14,000 who said ‘kiss’ and 300 or 400 who said ‘don’t kiss.’ It was that lopsided.”

Siblings Recreated Their Childhood Photos, And Things Got Really Weird

They say you can’t relive your childhood, but that didn’t stop these families from trying their best. Thankfully for the rest of us, they shared the “before and after” photos of them recreating the best shots from their family albums.

Maybe these pictures will give your own family some ideas. Your pictures couldn’t be any weirder than these ones.

1. They grow up so fast

2. Nothing to see here, just a couple of t-rexes

3. Can’t fit in there anymore

4. That doesn’t look comfy

5. Both of these photos need an explanation

6. That’s a big baby

7. Graduation day… take two

8. Still a messy eater after all these years

9. Christmas morning always puts a smile on their faces

10. They must be really itchy by now

11. The more things change, the more they stay the same

12. Look at the missing tooth, that’s dedication

13. They taught the dog how to look at the camera

14. Staying cool, no matter what year it is

15. Everyone in the shower

Check out the bottom right corner of the photo…they nailed this one.

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11 Undeniable Perks Of Being The Youngest Sibling

If you grew up being called the “baby” of your family, then you know there’s something that sets you apart from your other siblings.

It’s not just your age. Youngest siblings have a habit of breaking the mold, and it turns out science can explain why.

1. We get away with everything

Parenting Today

There’s no deeper meaning behind this one. Of course, we’re just the youngest and cutest person in the house, so it’s impossible for anyone to stay mad at us. Besides, if we annoy one parent or older sibling, we can always get another on our side. Genius.

2. We’re more creative

Project Nursery

While older siblings get higher average results on IQ tests (I know, I can’t believe it either), younger siblings are usually more creative. Researchers guess that we develop more “diverse interests” because the pressure to succeed from our parents isn’t so strong.

A survey by the website CareerBuilder found that youngest siblings are drawn to creative jobs (art, design, writing, etc).

3. Your parents have given up before you were born


Curfew? Being grounded? An allowance? Those sound like the kind of things older kids had to deal with. Luckily for us, by the time we were born our parents had lowered their expectations. That makes them a lot more relaxed, and easy to get along with.

4. We’re just as easygoing as our parents


It seems like being spoiled and waited on by everyone in our family has a positive effect on us. A survey by YouGov found younger siblings were more likely to describe themselves as “relaxed,” while oldest siblings see themselves as “serious.”

5. You always have someone to help you out


Need a ride somewhere? Just call your chauffeur – I mean, your sibling. Have a big science project due next week? Luckily your older brother did the same one last year, and you can borrow his notes. Having older siblings gives you a big boost that they missed out on at your age.

30 Genius Uses For Baking Soda (Besides Baking)

It’s white, it’s absorbent, and it probably sits in your cupboard all year because you have no idea what to do with it. Yes, baking soda is a kitchen staple that almost never lives up to its potential.

It’s great for almost everything, because it’s completely natural and cleans really well.

Start getting the most out of your baking soda with these 30 helpful tips:

1. Make a face scrub


Remember this recipe, because we’ll use it a lot: three parts baking soda and one part water makes a paste that’s easy to spread around. Rub it on your face and rinse it off for a cheap but handy exfoliator.

2. Clean your drains

Bren Did

Pour some baking soda in your drain and then chase it with a dash of vinegar. Put the stopper on quickly and the frothy mixture will scrub the gunk out of your drain by itself.

3. Wipe away burnt-on food


If you have a serving dish with scorched food stuck to it, soak it in soapy water with a few sprinkles of baking soda. A soft rag should wipe off the food afterwards.

You can also rescue a pan with burnt food. Simmer water inside it with baking soda. After a few minutes, the food will scrape off easily.

4. Freshen your litter box


Before you add litter to your cat’s box, pour in a layer of baking soda. As your pet uses the box they turn up the litter, so the baking soda will keep it fresher for longer.

5. Eliminate carpet stains

DIY Network

Every spill is a little different, but baking soda works well on almost all of them. Just blot out the stain, pour on some baking soda, and vacuum it up after a few minutes. The carpet should be good as new.

6. Clean Jacuzzi jets

If your tub has these pulsing water jets, you know they can get stinky after a while. To clean them, fill the tub until the water is just above the jets. Pour in two cups of baking soda and run the jets for 10 minutes.

Then, drain the water and refill the tub. Now run the jets for another 10 minutes and they should be much nicer.

7. Freshen your fridge

Daily Spikes

This is one of the most common uses for baking soda, but some people still don’t know about it. A small container in your fridge will keep it from getting stinky. If you buy bulk sizes, filling a mason jar or cup with the powder will also do the trick.

8. Polish silverware

Tongue in Cheek

For this trick, line a baking dish with aluminium foil. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda, then slowly add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of boiling water.

Place your silverware in the dish and the gunk should start coming off right away. Make sure you only leave your pieces in for about 30 seconds, unless they’re seriously dirty.

9. Make toothpaste

Durable Health

Some people prefer baking soda toothpaste to the store-bought version, because it uses less chemicals. You can find a recipe here. Even sprinkling a little powder on your regular toothpaste will help it whiten your teeth.

10. Make natural deodorant

In Sonnet’s Kitchen

If you hate the sticky, gooey feeling of deodorant, dusting your underarms with baking soda will also keep them smelling fresh. Or, make your own deodorant using the powder.

11. Erase marks on your walls

The Happy Housewife

Sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge and rub the messiest parts of your walls. Wipe with a soft cloth and the marks should be gone.

12. Keep your septic tank regular

From Faye

Flushing a cup of baking soda once a week will help keep the pH balance in your tank at a good level.

13. Fight grease fires


If there’s a fire in your home you should call the fire department, but baking soda can handle some small grease fires.

Turn off the gas or electricity (if it’s safe to do so), stand back from the flames, and throw handfuls of baking soda at the fire.

14. Freshen your carpet

NC Cleaning Tips

Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your carpets, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum it up. The powder will take any nasty odors away with it.

Try mixing in a little cinnamon to add a pleasant aroma.

15. Keep garbage or recycling smelling nice

Helping Australia

When you replace your bin liner, sprinkle a little baking soda into the bottom of the bag, to neutralize your kitchen’s worst odors.

15 Crazy Pictures Of People Getting Stuck That’ll Have You Laughing In Disbelief

Remember the scene in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh when Pooh Bear gets himself stuck in the door to Rabbit’s house, and he’s there for so long that Rabbit begins to decorate around him? That scene is endlessly funny to me, and I’ll bet I’m not alone.

Similarly, it seems like every day real-life people find new and interesting ways to get themselves stuck somewhere, and the results are often hilarious.

It all starts at a young age.


But some people just never grow up.


You definitely need to be careful with long dresses.


And maybe just wanna avoid doing anything stupid in general.


Trying to recapture your youth can have some drastic consequences.


Sometimes the animal kingdom gets in on the fun too.


In fact, cats are REALLY good at it.


Keep going for more ridiculous pictures of people getting stuck.

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The Definitive List Of Reasons Why Mushrooms Are Completely Disgusting

Mushrooms have to be one of the singularly most divisive foods ever discovered by humanity. For as many people that love them, there are just as many (if not more) who find them completely awful and want nothing to do with them. So, as a resident member of the second group, let me explain to you what exactly is wrong with mushrooms.

Seriously people, we need to talk about mushrooms.


They’re spongy and flavorless.

Harbour Life

And the second they get added to anything, you can tell.

Food Network

Did you know that mushrooms literally break down dead plant life?

Survival Gardener

They’re actually neither considered plant nor animal. SO WHAT ARE THEY?!


We don’t even know why they grow towards sunlight (seriously). You’re practically eating an alien life form.


Don’t believe me? Scientists actually believe their spores are capable of SPACE TRAVEL!


Not to mention that the spores can literally stay dormant for centuries. CENTURIES!

Gardening Knowhow

Not convinced mushrooms are the worst yet? Keep reading…

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13 Totally Normal Things You Should Never Do On An Airplane

While flying is the safest form of transportation, it’s not exactly anybody’s favorite.

After standing in line for hours you wind up stuck in a metal tube full of recycled air. But as bad as that is, flight attendants say doing any of these 13 normal things will make your flight even worse.

1. Eating food off your tray table

Believe it or not, that little plastic tray is the single germiest surface in the entire plane. The tray table surface actually has almost 10 times more germs than the flush button in the plane’s bathroom.


The reason is simple: these things are only wiped down once a day, at most. That means you could be swapping germs with two or more passengers from earlier in the same day. Ew! Put a napkin down, at least.

2. Wearing contact lenses

Advanced Eyecare Center

If your eyesight is that bad, it’s better to bring along your old pair of glasses than wear your contacts on the plane. The air in the cabin is so dry it will irritate your eyes, especially with the lenses in.

Plus, people tend to fall asleep on long flights, and that’s a bad idea with your contact lenses in. For your own comfort, leave them at home.

3. Putting ice cubes in your drink

Tell the steward you’d prefer your drink without them. You’ll thank us later.

GustavThree / Flickr

A 2004 EPA study found that only 15% of aircraft water supplies passed health standards. While most airlines stopped serving tap water as drinking water following the report, that dirty water is still used to make ice cubes. It’s also used for cooking, which explains a lot about airline food.

4. Falling asleep before takeoff or landing


We invite you to catch up on your sleep while in the air, but wait until you’re really in the air. While you change altitude, the air pressure in your ears adjusts to the new height. You need to keep your mouth open and moving to help them adjust painlessly.

If you fall asleep, you’re more likely to get a headache from the pressure change. Chew gum until you’re in the air or on the ground, just to be safe.

5. Drinking wine or beer

British Airways

Alcohol lowers your immune system, which is already under siege when you’re crammed onto a plane full of people. Plus, it’s twice as effective at a high altitude, which means you’ll get loaded before you realize it.

6. Drinking coffee or tea

T Ching

While coffee and tea are a little healthier for you, they’re both made from that gross airplane tap water we mentioned earlier. Even if it’s been boiled, we wouldn’t want to take a chance by drinking it.

10 Towns With Names So Funny You’ll Be Convinced They Aren’t Real

Have you ever wondered where (or what) your town got its name from? In most cases it often dates back to where it’s located, or maybe even to an event that happened in the area hundreds of years ago. However, in the case of these 10 towns, we’re pretty sure somebody was just having a good laugh.


You probably just snickered as much as I did at this name, but its origins are decidedly more tame than its name would suggest. The town was originally called Cross Keys, and it changed its name in 1814. Some say it’s because of the “Enter Course” sign that was above its old racetrack, while others say it’s for the original meaning of “intercourse” – which meant “everyday social and business connections and interactions.”

Evolution Control

Sure would hate to say you came from there, wouldn’t you? It’s an abandoned ghost town that formed around the Ryan’s Camp logging camp. Because of its remote location, it was often said that only an idiot would move there.

Toad Suck

This one dates back to the days of riverboats. The town sits on the edge of the river, and its tavern was a frequent stop for the sailors, who would apparently “suck on the bottle [of alcohol] until they swelled up like toads.”

Bell County

So, for starters, the town is located in Texas’s Bell County, and was the home of general store owner Zulius Bell and his nephew Bert. One day they Bells commissioned a sign for their general store, which ended up being of two bells with “Ding Dong” written underneath. The name stuck as the town expanded.

The names just get more ridiculous from here…

30 Grandparent “Fails” That Made Us Split Our Sides Laughing

Do we get funnier as we get older? Probably, even if we don’t mean to be sometimes!

These seniors weren’t trying to make us laugh, but their hilarious mistakes, habits, and misunderstandings had us in stitches anyways.

1. You need to keep the Apple logo facing up

2. Thanks for the warning Grandpa

3. What a lovely photo…oh dear

4. Her granddaughter asked for “fingerless gloves with flowers on them”

5. “Grandma got into a fight with the mixer and lost”

6. This Italian grandma gets acquainted with her Google Home system

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2R0NSKtVA0?feature=oembed]

7. Grandma stays up to date on the latest technology

8. Congrats, he’s so cute!

9. Grandma made him a “party vest”

We have even more questionable gifts from grandma, in case you need a giggle.

10. Grandma sent “the slowest picture message ever” through the mail

15 Stars Who Had Their Body Parts Insured For Tons Of Money

Being a celebrity is tough. We don’t mean going to award shows and parties, but all of the other stuff.

Celebrities sign autographs until their hands fall off, walk on high heels until their ankles break, and even work their butts off. Maybe that’s why so many stars have those body parts insured for huge cash payouts.

These 15 stars put a price on their most famous assets.

1. David Beckham


Body part: His legs

He’s focusing more on being a dad than being a pro soccer player these days, but at the height of his career Beckham had his legs insured for $70 million, or $35 million each. You know, just in case anyone bent them.

2. Dolly Parton


Body part: Her chest

Country legend Dolly Parton’s bra size is reportedly 40DD, and she obviously thinks that helped her singing career. She had her bosom insured for $600,000 back in the ’70s, making it worth more than $3 million today.

3. Keith Richards

957 Ben FM

Body part: His hands

Yes, the lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones had his talented digits insured for $2 million, but we’d really like to borrow his liver for a weekend.

4. Daniel Craig

MGM / Columbia Pictures

Body part: The whole thing

The latest actor to step into James Bond’s suit prides himself on doing his own stunts. For Quantum of Solace, his studio took out a $9.5 million insurance policy on his body.

5. Heidi Klum


Body part: Her legs

Klum was a Victoria’s Secret model, which explains why the legs she uses to sashay down the catwalk are valued at $2 million each. She revealed that assessors valued her left leg less than her right because of a tiny scar from her childhood.

6. David Lee Roth

Rolling Stone

Body part: Little David

The story goes that the other members of Van Halen were getting their body parts insured before a tour, when lead singer Roth insisted his…privates were his biggest asset. There’s no word on how much the policy was actually worth.

7. Bette Davis

Popular Smokers

Body part: Her waist

The leading lady was reportedly worried about how gaining weight would affect her career prospects, and had her signature figure undersigned for $28,000, or just under half a million in today’s money. That’s one approach to dieting.

8. America Ferrera


Body part: Her smile

The Superstore and Ugly Betty star was featured in a Crest toothpaste and, and the company decided to protect her teeth. That made her the woman with the $10 million smile.

Walmart Revealed The Most Popular Item In All 50 States, And Some Of Them Are Pretty Weird

There’s no prize for guessing the most popular items on Walmart.com last year: water bottles, paper towels and toilet paper always claim the top spots.

But when you dig into the data to find each state‘s favorite item, things just get weird. Walmart revealed which item each state is obsessed with, and it’s raising a lot of questions about our neighbors.

See which item your state can’t get enough of:

Alabama – Crayons

Recycle Nation

School supplies was a running theme on the list, and snagged the top spot in three states.

Alaska – RV and Marine Antifreeze

Team RV

So Alaskans love the great outdoors – go figure.

Arizona – L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

Best Buy

We think Arizonans left their Christmas shopping a little late this year.

Arkansas – Chocolate


Chocolate is a big seller around Valentine’s Day, but in Arkansas the sweet tooth rules year-round.

California – Protein Powder

Eat This, Not That

A must-have if you’re going to hit Muscle Beach.

Colorado – Peanut M&Ms

Mental Floss

The country is obsessed with these sweet treats, but Colorado’s hooked on the peanut variety.

Connecticut – Ghost in the Shell on DVD

Paramount Pictures

Well, this movie had to be a hit somewhere.

Delaware – Spiced Jelly Candy

Rayge Candy

One word: blech!

Florida – Sparkling Cider

Unoriginal Mom

You’d think Floridians would pick orange juice.

Georgia – Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Toys R Us

Seems everyone in the state is obsessed with this handy toddler seat.

13 Celebrities Who Fell In Love With Their Lucky Fans

We all know two things about celebrities and their love lives: they fall in love with other celebrities, and then they break up.

But don’t give up hope of landing your Prince Charming, because it turns out a lot of average people have captured the hearts of huge celebrities.

1. Steve Harvey

The Family Feud funnyman was performing on stage in a Memphis comedy club when he spotted his future wife, Marjorie, in the audience. “I don’t know who you are but I’m going to marry you,” he announced to the crowd.

The Knot News

While he was married to someone else at the time, Harvey kept his word, tying the knot with Marjorie in 2007.

2. John Travolta

Kelly Preston was just 16 when she was discovered by a fashion photographer and began her modeling career, but she already knew exactly what she wanted out of show business: a marriage to John Travolta.


“I came out of a film, saw the poster for Grease and I knew I’d be with him,” the actress remembered. “I just knew. I was about 16 years old. I really knew it and it turned into, ‘I’m going to marry that man.’” Just 13 years later, Preston really did marry Travolta, after they met on the set of The Experts.

3. Julia Roberts

Roberts dated a lot of big stars, and almost married her Flatliners co-star Kiefer Sutherland, but wound up falling in love with a cameraman. Daniel Moder was filming Roberts on the set of The Mexican when they both fell for each other.


Moder actually left his wife to be with Roberts, and she ended a three-year relationship to be with him. The pair have been married since 2002.

4. Tobey Maguire


While working on the set of Seabiscuit in 2003, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer did what anyone would do on set with their favorite celebrity, she introduced herself to the Spider-Man star. The two felt a connection right away, and married in 2007. Sadly, they split up earlier this year. But in Hollywood 10 years is a lifetime!

5. Ruben Studdard


While they split up in 2012, the American Idol winner and his ex-wife Surata Zuri had a real Hollywood love story. The singer was signing CDs at a Walmart in 2008 and Zuri was in the autograph line. The rest was history.

6. Kelsey Grammer


Flight attendant Kayte Walsh is reportedly a big fan of both Frasier and Cheers, so she must have been shocked to meet Kelsey Grammer, the star of both hit shows. They crossed paths on a flight to New York, and while Grammer was married at the time he met Walsh, they reconnected after he divorced his third wife, and have been together since 2011.

7. Matt Damon

Do you believe in love at first sight? Matt Damon does, because the Jason Bourne star fell in love with his wife Luciana Barroso after spotting her across a crowded bar. Barroso, a fan of the actor, was working as a bartender, but Damon says falling in love with an average woman was a blessing.

Just Jared

“I got lucky,” he told Esquire magazine, “I fell in love with a civilian. Not an actress and not a famous actress at that. Because then the attention doesn’t double — it grows exponentially.”

11 Ways Stress Hurts Your Body – And How To Stop It

Stress is good. Or at least a little stress can be.

Stress helped our ancestors escape from danger and react quickly, but in our modern life it just wears us down from the inside out. Read these 11 ways stress hurts your body, then find out how to keep stress under control.

1. Stress causes your body to release “stress hormones”

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Whether your brain senses danger or something else that requires your attention, it starts pumping out hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These substances have a lot of different effects on your body. While they help you focus and work hard in the short term, they wreak havoc on your body over time.

2. Stress raises your heartbeat

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One of the first reactions your body has to the stress hormones is telling your heart to pump more oxygen-enriched blood. While this might come in handy in a basketball game, the effort of keeping your heart pumping fast throughout the day takes energy away from the rest of your body and tires you out.

3. Stress raises your blood pressure

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With your heart pumping faster and more pressure in your bloodstream, it’s no wonder stress is one of the causes for heart attacks and strokes. Cortisol also affects your artery walls, clogging them with plaque and leading to conditions ranging from hypertension to heart attacks.

4. Stress interferes with your sleep schedule


If you notice you have a hard time falling asleep when you’re stressed, it’s probably because your heart is still pumping hard. Cortisol also keeps you feeling wakeful, which interferes with your sleep schedule.

Stress hormones also force your body to put repairing cells on the back burner, so your body recovers from injuries and illnesses more slowly.

5. Stress makes you sick


Speaking of illnesses, your body’s immune system becomes less of a priority when you’re dealing with stress, which makes you vulnerable to all sorts of conditions.

6. Stress damages your digestive system

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Stress is one of the causes of IBS, because stress hormones affect your intestinal nervous system, which moves food from place to place in your stomach. It can also lead to constipation, or even cause heartburn by making your gut more sensitive to stomach acid.

Stress is also known to kill the good bacteria in your gut.

Next Year’s Most Popular Baby Names Make Us Wonder Just What Are Parents Thinking

If you need any proof that 2017 has been a long and bizarre year, just look at what parents are planning to name their kids next year.

Baby name website Nameberry has unveiled their list of next year’s biggest “name trends,” and while they’re predicting lots of old fashioned names will be back in style, some of the most popular new names leave us scratching out heads.

Strong women make for popular names

Ivanka Trump and Oprah Winfrey.

This is a thread we also noticed on this year’s list of popular dog names. People are taking notice of strong women this year, and plan on passing their names on to their children. Namberry predicts a bump for names like Oprah, Ivanka, Gal and Diana (those last two are from Wonder Woman).

These names don’t just sound nice, the site points out that studies reveal “serious” names help kids get into college, so Ruth, Margaret and Eleanor could all give young girls a boost.

Matilda and Bridget are due for a comeback as well.

Presidential names

President Donald Trump and former president Ronald Reagan.

While President Trump’s family isn’t growing, the excitement over last year’s election is expected to carry on into 2018. That means names of former presidents like Kennedy, Madison, Reagan and Taylor should be back in style.

For boys, expect to see more Carters, Jacksons and Tylers in the years to come.

Donald will probably see a spike too, but more creative parents will pick McKinley, Monroe, Abraham, Ulysses, Theodore or Grover.

There are even more “name trends” to look forward to, including the one letter that will be everywhere next year.