8 Almost Too Good To Be True Costco Perks You Had No Idea Existed

It’s no secret that Costco offers some of the best deals on everything, including groceries, household items, books, electronics, and even gift certificates.

But did you know that in addition to the competitive prices, food court deals, free samples, and flexible return policy, the warehouse chain has plenty of other lesser-known perks you can take advantage of as a member?

Check them out:

Bet you didn’t know Costco’s Hearing Aid Centers offer free hearing tests as well as complimentary follow-up appointments and hearing aid cleaning. If you do end up purchasing a product from one of the store’s Hearing Aid Centers, you’ll also receive free check-ups and loss and damage coverage.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Travelling can get expensive, so if you’re considering taking a trip this year, visit Costco’s travel website or chat with an agent because they can help you lock in the best deal. Members can enjoy discounted trips to popular all-inclusive destinations, Disney World, and Europe.

Custom Printing Deals

Although you can obtain a stack of personal checks from your bank, Costco can get them printed for you for a fraction of the cost. Plus, you have the option to personalize your checks by adding your favorite design or image on the background.


If you have a bottled water dispenser at your home or office, you can sign up for Costco’s water delivery service. Choose from spring, purified, or artesian, and have the H2O delivered to your door starting at $6 for a large bottle. You’re also able to rent a dispenser starting at $1 a month, depending on your membership level.