M&M’s Have Blessed Us With A New Chocolate Spread, And Our Mouth Is Already Watering

Who doesn’t love eating a big ol’ handful of M&M’s? They are one of the best ways to consume chocolate, and believe me, there are a lot of good ways to consume chocolate.

M&M’s were first introduced in 1941, and over the years the company has grown to an incredible level. Starting with the classic milk chocolate filled treats, and later adding options for peanut-filled M&M’s, almond M&M’s, pretzel M&M’s, and more, it seems like these chocolate pieces of heaven are not going anywhere.

They are available worldwide, and we are grateful for their existence every day. Every once in a while they will come out with a special-themed version of M&M’s for a holiday or to celebrate the time of the year. We’ve been blessed with a lot of amazing flavors over the years. Some of the more notable and bizarre were:

Because what we all wanted was more candy corn right? The divisive flavor may not be everyone’s favorite, but the are still available on Amazon if you want to give it a try. It doesn’t look like Red is a big fan, but who knows maybe you’ll like it…

I don’t even want to know… I guess it might be like PB&J? It just does not sound very appealing from the name…

Amazon seems to have all of your favorite M&M’s available if you seach for them. Experience this Thanksgiving treat year-round with M&M’s that taste like pecan pie!

But M&M’s newest flavor goes above and beyond the call of duty in the best way imaginable, and makes M&M’s more amazing than ever!

What a Fun Treat for the Winter!

How cute are these little guys!? Oreo Penguins! These fun penguin treats are a great idea to surprise the kiddies with on a winter day, and are just as much fun to make. Check out the recipe today and give them a try.

  • Oreo’s
  • dark chocolate candy melts
  • white chocolate candy melts
  • candy eyeballs
  • mini M&M’s
  • M&M’s
  • Sour rainbow strip candy

1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper.

2. Melt down your chocolate melts in a bowl.

3. Place one Oreo at a time into the melted chocolate, and move around until it’s completely covered then place it on the wax paper.

4. While the chocolate is still soft and warm, place a white candy melt in the middle of the cookie to act as a white belly.

5. Place two candy eyeballs on, and a orange mini M&M as it’s beak. Set aside to harden completely.

6. Melt a small amount of chocolate melts in a bowl to use as a “glue” for the earmuffs.

7. Pick out two matching M&M colours, and then glue on the earmuffs to the side of the Oreo along with the rainbow strip “headband”.

8. Enjoy!

Just Try To Resist These Pumpkin Patch Oreos!

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I absolutely love how this dessert turned out! These Pumpkin Patch Oreos are a quick and easy treat to make for Halloween, plus they’re super delicious! I mean, how can you resist these kooky, crazy, silly pumpkin faces? Give them a try and let us know how they are!

  • Oreos
  • Orange candy melts
  • Mini green M&Ms
  • White Jimmies (sprinkles)
  • Candy eyes (a variety of sizes)
  • Black gel icing
  1. Melt the orange candy melts according to package directions
  2. Dip Oreos in the candy melts and place on parchment paper.
  3. Place a mini green M&M for your pumpkin’s stem on each Oreo.
  4. Next, place two candy eyes (different sized eyes will give you a funny, silly look to your pumpkins).
  5. Draw a mouth on your pumpkin with the black gel icing and fill in with the white sprinkles.
  6. Once the candy melts have set they’re ready to be eaten!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMtcPtROahk]