Harsh Truths About You Based On Your Zodiac, And We’re Not Holding Back

All that lovey-dovey stuff about your zodiac sign is cute, but it’s not really helpful. Oh, Geminis love a man who can cook? We all do. Capricorn’s are the best people to be in a relationship? Unlikely.

Listen, I’m not saying you shouldn’t read about your zodiac (obviously). But I think it’s important to take the bad with the good. We did some research and found out the harsh truths about each zodiac sign.

Buckle up.

Ever notice how people shy away from you? That’s because your ego is off-putting. You’re selfish, independent, and demanding of everyone around you. You only talk when you need something done for you, and people hate it. Your aggressive and impulsive nature alienates you, and it’s your own fault.

Your attitude changes from one moment to the next, but it just goes from rude to volatile. People can only handle you in small doses, and even then they really don’t want to.

Your laziness overtakes everything. That piece of mail that’s been sitting on your counter for three weeks has yet to make it to the mailbox. People don’t like asking you to do things because they know it won’t get done until months later. You’d rather pay someone to do it than do it yourself, and that’s not a good thing.

Oh, you’re also greedy and materialistic. You’d sell your own mother if someone was offering the right price. You expect people to buy you extravagant gifts, but you’ll be Christmas shopping at the gas station when there’s a 2-for-1 sale on air fresheners.


No one tells you secrets because before the words even come out of their mouths you’re already texting it out to all your friends. Your need for gossip and drama is insatiable, and yet somehow you don’t see what’s wrong with that. “I don’t understand why I’m surrounded by all this drama!!” Because you started it, you lunatic.

You are as two-faced as it gets, and you know how to work it. Your manipulative nature gets you what you want, no matter how much it hurts someone else. You have the gift of the gab and will make sure it’s used to your advantage.

Those emotions you’re feeling? It’s driving everyone away. Your incessant whining about everything happening in your life makes you almost unbearable to speak with when you’re in a bad mood. You can hold a grudge for an eternity, all because the clerk at CVS accidentally called you sir instead of ma’am.

You also hate spending money, even though you’re loaded. While you clip coupons, you’re also whipping out your Visa Black Card to pay for the whole grocery order. It irritates people when you complain about finances, because we all know that you have more than us but just aren’t willing to spend it.

Your Birthday Reveals Which Tarot Card Represents You, And Can Identify Your True Life Path

It seems like so much of who you are comes from when you were born. The date you arrive in this world can tell you what your zodiac sun sign is, while the moon’s position in the sky reveals your moon sign. The year when you are born can give you some insight into your personality if you take into consideration the Chinese zodiac, but that’s not all your birthday can tell you.

The date you are born on can be compiled into a single number, and this number reveals which tarot card most accurately describes your life path. It’s really simple to figure out what your number is. All you have to do is add up all of the digits in your birthday.

For example, if your birthday was on June 27, 1962, then you would add 6+2+7+1+9+6+2 = 33.

But to properly find your number, you always need to reduce it to a single digit, so you would then add 3+3=6. So 6 would be your life path number. We have an easy to use calculator that will give you the number in a flash.

So now that you have your life path number, let’s find out what that means.

You subscribe to the mentality that anything and everything is possible. You are powerful, confident, and are able to take leadership roles without hesitation or complaint. You are ambitious and inspired when you are going after your goals, and are always striving to accomplish the next thing.

You have a tendency to be a little bit stubborn if you aren’t in control, but it’s because you feel as though you know the right way to make things happen.

You are always in the know and have this innate ability at searching for the answers. You have a deep connection to the psychic world, and can often interpret more than what others can perceive. You always know others better than they know themselves, even though it’s usually a small pool of people.

You can come off as aloof and it’s hard to get to know you, because you never like to lighten up. You always want things to have a deeper meaning, and can look too far into things that could just be simple.

You know how to make sure you are living your life to the fullest, and aren’t afraid to indulge in all the things you want. You are creative and good at noticing details, and aren’t afraid to ask for exactly what you want. You tend to have a large social circle because you are loving and caring to those in your life.

Because of your tendencies to splurge on yourself, you can come off as materialistic and possessive. You like your things and aren’t usually willing to give it up.

10 Reasons You Should Make Friends With An Aries Immediately

If you’re lucky enough to know someone born between March 21st and April 20th, then congratulations, you belong to an exclusive club that contains only the best and brightest of friends: those born under the Zodiac sign of Aries, the ram.

Sure, everybody who sees this is going to argue that THEIR Zodiac sign is so much better, but let’s get real here, we all know who’s really going to improve your life. Don’t believe me? Check out these facts.

1) Aries is the first of the signs. Y’know what #1 means right? That means you’re hanging out with a winner, not a loser.


2) We’re some of the most adventurous of the Zodiac signs, meaning we’re guaranteed to show you a good time.


3) Aries is the only Fire sign that can get along with our own sign, because we bolster our partner’s fire. Eat it, Leo and Sagittarius.

Relationship Advice

4) Aries are naturally positive and outgoing, so we lift your spirits up, unlike some of those other Debbie Downer signs.

Science Daily

Still not convinced? Then keep reading!

Your Zodiac Sign Can Reveal Your Most Unsettling Flaws (Or Those Of People You Know)

While your Zodiac sign can often highlight all of your best and most admirable qualities, there’s a dark side to every bright spot. If you want to find out what your birth sign has given you not as a gift, but as a curse, read on!

(Images by Shawn Cross)

Shawn Cross

Thanks to your fiery personality, you’re actually much more prone to shocking levels of violence than the rest of the signs. Maybe you need to do some anger management for those volatile mood swings?

Shawn Cross

You have a compulsive need to keep everything around you exactly how you like it, to the point of being possessive. It might be time to accept that you don’t own absolutely everything you encounter.

Shawn Cross

Your dual-sided nature means that you’re also quite two-faced, and you often say one thing to a person’s face while smack-talking them when they leave. Even worse, you can’t keep secrets to yourself.

Shawn Cross

You have something of a martyr complex. You feel like people perpetually take more than they give back, and you constantly want to see yourself as the strong caregiver who overcomes adversity, even if there isn’t really any.

Shawn Cross

You have a compulsive, almost narcissistic need to be the center of attention, and you don’t care who knows it. Of course, you’d never hurt anyone intentionally; that would hurt your public perception too much.

Keep reading for the rest of the zodiac…

These Are The Best And Worst Traits Of Your Zodiac

I can’t be alone when I say that I love reading my horoscope. Even if you don’t swear by the predictions, it’s hard not to fall into the mystique of it all!

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your personality, for better or for worse. These are the best and worst traits of each zodiac sign. How accurate is yours?

Astrology Zodiac Sign

Positive Traits:

  • Friendly: any Aquarius is most likely blessed with a large amount of friends
  • Humanitarian: Aquarius-born people are always doing their best to make the world a better place
  • Creative: monotony bores them, and they’re always trying to find ways to shake things up.
  • Independent: both emotionally and financially, an Aquarius is just fine on their own.
  • Loyal: you will never hear of an Aquarius going back on their word.

Negative Traits:

  • Unpredictable: there’s no telling how an Aquarius will react. Their emotions cannot be guessed.
  • Inconsistent: everything depends on their mood, so be ready for anything!
  • Detached: forming connections only ties you down!
  • Stubborn: they’ll listen, sure, but changing the mind of an Aquarius is not going to happen.
  • Aloof: they’ll become distant for no reason, so be prepared.
  • Extremist: There is no such things as a middle ground for an Aquarius.
Astrology Zodiac Sign

Positive Traits:

  • Imaginative: thinking outside the box is a strong suit of a Pisces
  • Kind: a Pisces is someone you can always count on to be understanding
  • Compassionate: make friends with a Pisces, as they are always willing to help you out.
  • Intuitive: decision making is easy when you have the intuition of a Pisces.
  • Sensitive: Pisces are affectionate and gentle, if you needed another reason to be friends.
  • Selfless: they’re always willing to put others first.

Negative Traits:

  • Escapist: Pisces can often get caught up in their own imagination of what their life is like
  • Over-Sensitive: Pisces can get very emotional very quickly
  • Pessimistic: they’re always believing the worst, especially when things go wrong.
  • Lazy: Pisces aren’t willing to do things that don’t have a specific interest to them
Astrology Zodiac Sign

Positive Traits:

  • Adventurous: taking risks is something an Aries loves to do.
  • Courageous: bravery is something you take pride in!
  • Versatile: variety is the spice of life, and the spice that an Aries loves!
  • Lively: your energy is infectious and cannot be missed
  • Positive: ever wonder why popular people are usually Aries? This is it.
  • Passionate: any project an Aries chooses to take in is something they believe in with all their heart

Negative Traits:

  • Arrogant: Aries believe they know everything, and can be insensitive to other people’s emotions for this reason
  • Stubborn: anyone who knows an Aries knows that arguing with them is pretty pointless.
  • Impulsive: along with that impulsive ways comes impatience, as well.
  • Unorganized: a cluttered life is not uncommon
  • Confrontational: Aries love to argue, mainly because of that arrogance we talked about earlier.

10 Things You Should Never Ignore About Your Dreams

According to Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, dreams are the “royal road to the unconscious.”

Dream interpretation has been around for centuries, and was first interpreted by people who were known to have spiritual powers. Nowadays people see their therapists to help them unlock the secret message behind their dreams.

However, there’s a wealth of information online that can help you discover your deepest desires and fears for free.

Here are 10 dream symbols you should ponder over after waking up. The answers to these will help you make sense of your life.

1. Waterfalls

Dreaming of waterfalls or a large body of water is a very good omen. Water symbolizes purity and cleansing.

However, ask yourself the size of the waterfall or body of water. Was it in a bright location surrounded by trees or somewhere dark and dreary? This will give insight to how you perceive new beginnings.

2. Money

Seeing money could mean something good, but it can also mean something bad. Money represents the flow of life. Typically, dreaming of money symbolizes self-worth and power.

3. Fire

If you dream of a distant fire, this means you desire for transformation. However, if you’re playing with fire or dream of starting one, this means you’re repressing your anger.

4. Adultery

Dreaming about adultery always puts you in a sour mood when you wake up. That being said, the best thing to do is to analyze the dream. Ask yourself, am I in an unhappy relationship? Do I have trust or anxiety issues? How afraid am I in losing my significant other?

5. Pregnant

Dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes that you’re ready for a major development in your life.

6 Photos Of Pregnant Men That Will Change What You Thought You Knew Of Pregnancy

Transgender individuals have been around for a long time, but it’s only in the past decade that they’ve achieved rights and freedoms that’s allowed them to feel comfortable to publicly reveal their day-to-day lives.

Perhaps the most controversial matter surrounds transgender men who still possess female genitalia and can get pregnant.

These pregnancy photos of six transgender men highlight their experiences as they prepare for their newborn child. Their pictures are nothing less than beautiful!

Thomas Beatie, who is technically a male mother, rose to fame for becoming the first transgender man to become pregnant.

It was Thomas’s dream to have a child, and so far he has given birth to three!

Trystan, a gay trans dad, and his partner Biff Chaplow adopted their niece and nephew, who are survivors from an abusive household, but decided they wanted a child of their own.

“When I found out, it was equal parts elation and fear,” he told the Ottawa Citizen. “I was so excited to be on this journey with the person that I love, and then also really scared. Could I do this? Pregnancy is hard, labor is hard, and I hoped that I’d be able to handle it all.”

Chris Rehs-Dupin proudly posted his baby bump on social media before he gave birth to his daughter. The plan was for his wife Amy to be the mom, but after five attempts of fertility treatments, Chris volunteered to carry the baby instead.

“I don’t think I had a problem emotionally having a child, I wasn’t losing a part of my identity. I think the world had a bigger problem with it than I did,” Chris recalled. “Some people think men aren’t supposed to carry children, that’s the world we live in. So, I feel like the world would see it as emasculating, that it would make me less trans but [it was] not the case for me. For me it was an amazing experiencing.”

10 Things We Guarantee You Didn’t Know Before Reading This

We know that we don’t know everything, but it’s nice to know a little more than we knew yesterday.

Here are 10 facts that will turn your world upside down. Don’t forget to impress your friends afterwards.

1. A car’s rearview mirror has a daytime and a nighttime mode.

2. Adult bodies have two to nine pounds of bacteria.

3. Pirates wear eye patches so that they can see in both the light and in the dark.

Eye patches allowed pirates to see in areas with poor lighting without having to wait for their eye to adjust.

4. Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

These sharp edges help them to cut through skin and layers of clothing.

5. Bees sting other bees; and when a male bee climaxes their testicles explode, which eventually leads to their death.

These next five will surprise you the most!

10 Things That Happen Every Day Now, But Would Have Been Ridiculous 50 Years Ago

Times have changed, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

If you say the phrase “back in my day” or “when I was your age” more often than you’d like, this article will make more sense to you.

Here are 10 more examples of things that don’t seem so strange now, but 50 years ago would have been unacceptable or simply ridiculous.

10. Accepting rides from strangers and meeting people you talked to online.

9. Taking pictures of your food.

It’s not that people never took a picture of their food, but their entire reel of plastic film was not of different angles of what food they ate at their favorite restaurant.  

8. Not being able to smoke anywhere you like.

Smoking in public spaces slowly started getting banned over the past 50 years, but during that time there was still many places that people could smoke regardless of whether people liked it or not. You’d find people smoking in all kinds of public institutions, including hospitals!

7. Being able to purchase a flat screen TV and hang it up on the wall.

6. Throwing things away that don’t work so well and buying something new.

It only got thrown away if it was in smithereens, or else it would be fixed.

These next ones are absolutely ridiculous.

New Wedding Trend For Brides Is Missing Something Important – A Partner

There’s a new-age trend where woman are taking matters regarding love into their own hands.

We’re shocked when we hear stories about polygamy, in which someone has more than one wife or husband at the same time. But how are we supposed to feel about the new wedding craze known as sologamy?

Although self-marriages are not legally recognized in the U.S. or in Europe, they’re happening in many Western countries.  

An American woman named Linda Baker is reportedly the first person to marry herself in the U.S. She celebrated her 40th birthday in 1993 by saying “I do” in front of seven bridesmaids and 75 family and friends.

In 2003, Sarah Jessica Parker, playing the character Carrie Bradshaw, thought about marrying herself in an episode of Sex and the City.

It’s unclear whether that popular TV series resulted in the increase of single woman marrying themselves, but it’s reported that’s around the time the trend started.

Now places are offering unique packages for single brides that want to get married.

But why are people doing it? I’m sure you have A LOT of questions…

10 Easy Things You Can Watch Out For That Will Help You live Longer

There are many factors that can impact one’s life expectancy, but there are some signs you may not have even considered.

We all know that excessive drinking and smoking can have negative repercussions on our health, but we’re not guaranteed to last for a century if we abstain from those habits.

For the most part, it’s not so much about the quantity of life, but the quality of it. Keeping tabs on what our bodies are indicating about our health is crucial to living a happy and healthy life.

Here are a some warning signs you may not have considered.  

Whether you rarely get any sleep or get enough sleep, always feeling tired can have grave repercussions on your health. This may indicate that you’re not receiving the right amount of exercise or food. If it’s more serious than that, it could mean you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, which would mean you need to see a doctor immediately!

It’s hard to find time for exercise. We spent most of our time sitting at our office desks, or sitting at home watching TV or surfing on the internet. I’m sure you know how bad inactivity is for you, but if you can find ways to stand up or get a little more exercise between those period of sitting, it can be very beneficial for your overall well being. You won’t see the effects on your body tomorrow, but you’ll see the health issues mounting up a few years down the line, if you don’t change this bad habit.

Studies have shown that cuddling releases hormones in the body that strengthen your immune system. Merely being around someone and engaging in conversation also releases those immune-strengthening hormones. One U.S. study suggests that loneliness can increase your chance of death by 14%. Whether you’re extroverted or not, we all need some kind of social life, whether it is a few good friends or many to choose from to spend time with.  

I’m sure you’re not surprised to see obesity on this list. Many studies have shown that obese people are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other health problems. If you’re physically out of shape, you need to start thinking of changing your eating habits and exercising regularly.

Cities that have lots of pollution, traffic jams, and are more prone to natural disasters may be shortening your life expectancy. If you find the nature of your city is increasing your stress levels, this is probably an indication that you need to consider finding another place to live.

These next ones may be a surprise to you…

10 Things We’ve All Believed About Animals That Aren’t Even True

The fact that we can’t verbally communicate with animals is a sign that we don’t know everything there is to know about them. Animals can’t explain the way they view and live in the world, and neither can you to them.

Thanks to science, we’ve discovered that there are many misconceptions. We’ve been fed false information that we’ve shared to friends and family members, and now it’s time to forget these common myths and spread the truth to the people around us.

10. Dogs and cats are colorblind.

Our furry little friends are not living in a black and white world. Although their vision is not the same as us, it doesn’t mean they don’t see color at all. In fact, cats and dogs can see better in low-lighting. Colors appear differently in the eyes of both animals. For example, red and pink look more like green to cats.

9. Beaver butt secretions can be found in vanilla ice cream.

Let’s set it straight. The friend or family member who tried to convince you that there’s anal goo in your food probably did a good job because they believed in this myth as well. The secretion known as castoreum, which is taken from a beaver’s anal gland, is not used in flavorings or perfumes. Isolating these secretions are too expensive anyway.  

8. Bulls hate the color red.

It’s not the red they hate, it’s the annoying human trying to get their attention. Bulls are trained by humans to charge at moving objects, but this isn’t in their nature. Of course, any animal that feels threatened will not stand there passively.

7. Elephants stomp loudly.

Take it as a compliment if someone says you stomp like an elephant. Despite their large body mass, elephants walk very quietly. They walk using the tips of their toes, and their feet are also designed like a soft pillow.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0AXzt8ZK5E?feature=oembed]

6. Touching a frog or a toad can give you warts.

Just because frogs and toads are slimy and have bumps on their body doesn’t mean they’re the reason for why we get these nasty lumps. The HPV (human papillomavirus) is the cause of this ailment. So feel free to touch the amphibian, but be wary of touching someone’s hand that looks like it’s been infected by the virus.

You’ve probably been believing in all these next 5 myths as well!

The First Thing You See In This Photo Will Reveal Your Hidden Fear

If you’re afraid of spiders, heights, public speaking, or whatever else that makes you break into a sweat and causes your heart to feel like it’s about to jump from your chest, you’re probably not sure why you feel this way.

Fears stem from the subconscious, so undoubtedly, there are many other fears you’re not that aware of.

A photo has been circulating the Internet claiming to reveal one of your “hidden” fears. Take a look at the photo below and take a note of the first object that catches your eye.

Go to the next page where we reveal the answers.

10 Hidden Meanings You’ve Been Missing In The World’s Most Famous Logos

You’ll instantly recognize these logos because you’ve seen them thousands of times, but there’s more subtlety to these seemingly simple designs.

These 10 clever hidden meanings in some of the most famous logos will leave you speechless and make you wonder how you’ve never noticed them before.

The arrow pointing left (S) and the arrow pointing right (Y) symbolize the entrance and exit doors of a Subway location.

Wrigley’s Orbit gum really wants to hone in your mind that you’ll always have fresh breath when you’re chewing their product. The ‘O’ is dark on one side and light on the other. Do you get it? The logo symbolizes Earth’s orbit around the sun!

The three black stripes above adidas, which look like a mountain, represent challenges we all must overcome. But the real question is, will wearing adidas help us overcome these challenges?

There’s nothing that this shipping company values more than delivering products with speed and accuracy. They care so much they’ve included it in their logo. Look closely and you’ll be able to see an arrow between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’ that’s pointing to the right.

Tostitos knows that their products are always enjoyed in groups, so that’s exactly what they incorporated in their branding logo. The two ‘T’s in the middle resemble two people sharing a one yellow Tostito chip. The red dot of the ‘i’ is a bowl of salsa.

You’ll love to share these next ones with your friends!

These 8 Habits Will Make You More Likable

The undeniable truth is that we do the things we do in order to be liked by other people. What people find likable about you may be subjective, but studies have shown that objective likability traits do exist.

I’m sure every self-help book has this phrase somewhere in its contents: Be yourself. The reason why this phrase is so heavily preached is because it’s the first step to becoming a better, more confident person. The only way to give off a genuine perception is to be who you are. People like a genuine person because we feel comfortable and trusting in their presence.

There’s one caveat to this: don’t give depressing or secret details about your life when it’s not necessary. You want to come across as human, but not as an avid complainer.

This may make or break you. Make sure to leave a positive impression the first time you meet someone. Studies have shown that first impressions can be close to impossible to change. This shouldn’t be daunting, it only reinforces the point on authenticity and positive body language.

Put the phone down. There’s nothing worse than having a conversation with someone who is having a conversation with someone else. Also, don’t be the person who is thinking about what they want to say next. Asking questions and reacting appropriately is a crucial!

Tip: Give compliments!  

If you’ve ever been surprised by someone you don’t know very well remembering your name or a quirky fact about you, it’s probably made you feel good. So, don’t feel shy to ask questions, even if you have to ask a second time. Studies show that calling someone by name makes them feel validated and important, whether you call their name when you greet them or during other parts of the conversation.

These next four are very important…

8 Tell-Tale Signs Perfectionism Is Negatively Affecting Your Life

You’ve got a job interview and they ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. So which one does perfectionism fall under? To your dismay, it’s usually the latter.

But why is that? Perfectionism means that you complete your task impeccably without any sign of error. The only problem is that you never seem to be able to reach that goal of perfection.  

Take a look at these five signs on how being a perfectionist is affecting your mental and physical well-being.

You just can’t seem to let things go. For example, you’ll be lying on your bed, ready to go to sleep, when you remember that new ingredient you added to the pasta dinner that everyone complained about yesterday. You don’t recall all the things you did right that day or all the amazing previous dinners you’ve made, you only fixate on that one thing you did wrong for hours and hours until your brain decides to slip into unconsciousness without your effort.

Fixating will only make things worse, giving you the feeling that you’re going crazy, and it usually exacerbates the next thing on the list.

It’ll never be finished to your standards, so what’s the point? You’ll be working on a project but nothing seems to be coming together the way you envisioned it’d be. Also, you won’t stop until you reach that desired outcome. Sometimes you’ll purposely scrap the project you’re working on so you don’t have to deal with the flood of doubt that’ll come after.

Procrastination is the byproduct of the next sign of perfectionism on this list.

The reason why you can’t get anything done is because you need someone to tell you it’s good enough. Seeking constant approval can be tiring and frustrating, but its one of the remedies to put your thoughts of doubt at ease.

You must remind yourself that everyone has a different idea of “perfection.” So even if you think you’ve come close enough to it, it may not be what someone else envisioned. And that’s okay, trust me. It’s a world full of different ideas that makes life more interesting.

It’s not only you who needs to sculpt perfection, you require others to adhere to your ‘perfect’ standards as well. The only reason you feel that way is because you want the job to be done right. Fair enough, but, as mentioned before, everyone has a different idea of perfection.

This constant battle of demanding people to be on the same page as you will only frustrate you further and make you feel like the world is against you.

This leads us to the next sign …

10 Facts About Dreaming You Never Could Have Imagined

When we sleep, our dreams often run wild. Whether or not you remember the full story the next morning, odds are you remember a general feeling you felt during the dream.

But even though we all dream, there are some things you probably didn’t know. Sort of like, “behind-the-scenes” of dreams, if you will.

These are some interesting facts that will most likely shock even the biggest dreamer out there.

Deaf people do not hear in their dreams, but there are still communications had.

“I never actually see people signing or speaking,” Gabriel Paulone, a student at Washington D.C.-based school for the deaf, Gallaudet University, said. “It is as if we use extrasensory perception (ESP). It is like we share similar language without having to say something.”

Deaf dreamers experience dreams where either everyone knows sign language, or through telepathy.

“It’s really cool” Violet Blake said. “It’s only in my dreams that I feel that we are all communicating universally.”

When you dream, your brain doesn’t just shut down. Your sub-conscience is honing skills, such as problem-solving, while your body recharges. If you study before you go to sleep, your brain can help retain the information and sometimes even teach you through dreams!