Photographer Releases Rare Photos Of Actress Natalie Wood And They’re Stunning

The disappearance of Hollywood star Natalie Wood is one of those cases that still haunts the nation.

In 1981, the actress was on a yacht headed to Santa Catalina Island with her husband, Robert Wagner, and actor Christopher Walken, when she vanished. The Miracle on 34th Street star’s body was later found afloat in the sea off the island and officials ruled her death as accidental drowning after a brief investigation.

However, as the public caught wind of some of the details of the investigation, people began to speculate that the 43-year-old’s death may have been due to murder.  

The night before her disappearance, Wood and Wagner got into an argument before heading to bed but moments later, when he attempted to say goodnight, Wagner noticed Wood was missing.

Express UK

There have been many questions about that fateful night, most of which remain unanswered. This prompted the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to reopen the case nearly 30 years after her death.

More recently, police revealed that Wagner is now a person of interest in the case.

Sadly, Wood’s tragic end has in a way clouded the life she lived up to that point.

Wood, whose real name was Natalia Zakharenk, started out as a child actress, and by the time she was 25 years old, she racked up three Oscar nominations for her roles in major blockbuster hits, like Rebel Without a Cause alongside James Dean, Splendor in the Grass and Love with the Proper Stranger.

Time Magazine

Filmmakers wanted to cast her in their projects and magazines wanted her on their covers. Everyone who has worked with her had nothing but good things to say about who she was as a person and as an actress. Orson Welles once said that she was “so good, she was terrifying.”

Celebrated photographer, Bill Ray, is one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to work with Wood, and he has recently shared a few of his favorite pictures he took during a “dream assignment” for LIFE magazine.

The rare pictures give us a glimpse into Wood’s life behind the scenes, years before she passed away.

Photographer Captures Rare Glimpse Of Reindeer Riding Tribe In Stunning Pictures

Our world is such a big place, we sometimes forget how different people can be across this beautiful planet.

While we drive to work, talk to each other on our cell phones, and surf the internet, there are cultures that still live much like they did hundreds of years ago.

Hamid Sardar

The Dukha people of Mongolia are one of those cultures.

Also known as the Tsaatan, or “reindeer herders,” the Dukha live along Mongolia’s Russian border.

Hamid Sardar
Hamid Sardar

For generations, the tribe lived as wandering nomads, using domesticated reindeer for transportation and hunting animals like moose and deer to feed themselves.

Hamid Sardar

Now, there are less than 300 Dukha living in just over 40 families, and their way of life is slowly changing with the times.

Hamid Sardar

Photographer and researcher Hamid Sardar captured a rare, close-up glimpse of life among the reindeer herders.

Sardar explains that the Dukha have a deep, spiritual relationship with the reindeer they herd.

Hamid Sardar

“The deer is a totem and each person in the tribe is connected to one spirit deer which protects that person, absorbing all disease,” he told The Independent.

Hamid Sardar

“The Dukha do not have enough reindeer to use them for meat, so the only time they eat deer is when the spirit deer dies”

But as the Dukha’s reindeer herd shrinks, their way of life is changing quickly.

Lady Antebellum Singer Reveals Photos And Names Of Twin Daughters

After missing the Grammys to give birth to her twin daughters, Lady Antebellum singer Hilary Scott has finally revealed what she has named her two girls and shared adorable pictures of them and their big sister.

In August, the proud mom-to-be shared that she and her husband, Nashville-based drummer Chris Tyrell, were growing their family.

The “Need You Now” singer previously suffered a miscarriage, but announced last month that her daughter Eisele, who is now 4, is going to be a big sister in February 2018.

“We appreciate all the love and prayers in the coming weeks as we wait (somewhat patiently if you’re Chris and I, and impatiently if you’re Eisele) for these precious BABIES to arrive,” she wrote on August 18. “It’s truly a miracle. Because we’ve been so open about our last pregnancy loss and journey, I want to be fully transparent with you that this happened naturally. Chris nor I have any family history of twins that we can find and are just resting in the profound gift this truly is. My heart still grieves for our loss and all who are struggling with pregnancy and infant loss and infertility.”

After announcing the pregnancy, the family was excited to announce the gender of their twins.

“We are overjoyed to be having TWO more girls! Eisele is so excited to have her very own living baby dolls,” the 31-year-old wrote via Instagram. “Chris and I are beyond grateful that we get to raise a household of little ladies, and can’t wait to watch and help them grow into kind, independent, and confident women! Now we wait with great expectation (and many prayers) for them to get here safely!”

And the family’s prayers were answered after the Grammys.

The family shared a sweet snap announcing the birth of their daughters, but it wasn’t until now that we saw a picture of the twins and have names to put to their faces.

28 Photos Taken By Drones That Will Take Your Breath Away

Drones have become wildly popular over the last several years. They offer us a wide variety of new opportunities, but also bring with them a number of serious security concerns. Whatever your thoughts on the technology may be, they do give us a chance to take, and view photographs from a whole new level. Some drone photos are so gorgeous that they can actually take your breath away.

Here are 28 absolutely stunning photos that were taken by a drone. We dare you to try and look away from the sheet beauty captured with this technology.

future labz
Science News
My Modern Met
Wireless Design and Development
Bored Panda
Time Magazine

Beauty can be anywhere you look, sometimes you are just not looking from the right point of view.

Dramatic Photos Capture The JFK Assassination As It Happened

For a generation of Americans, the death of our 35th president was the ultimate “Where were you?” moment.

History changed in the blink of an eye on November 22, 1963, when an ordinary day became a milestone our country would never forget.

President Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy arrive in Dallas.White House Photographs

President Kennedy’s final trip to Texas had begun the day before in San Antonio. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, and Texas Governor John Connally were touring the state to raise goodwill for the president’s reelection run in 1964.

Denver Post
Kennedy Library
Texas Governor John Connally sits in front of the president and First Lady.Newsline

Unexpectedly, the Texas crowds were warm and welcoming, with people lined up across the state to welcome the president and the First Lady.

The president’s custom stretch limousine, with the jump seats folded down.NBC News

The president’s route through Dallas had been planned and publicized days in advance. While police were on edge, the president stopped the motorcade twice, to shake hands with groups of nuns and schoolchildren.

The Sixth Floor Museum
You can see Dealey Plaza in the far background of this photo.Wikimedia

A Woman Got Her Child’s Baby Pictures Back Thanks To Facebook And Social Networking

Some people might get sick with all of the stuff they see spouted off about on Facebook. But more than occasionally, something happens where the ability to use the social platform plays a key role in someone’s life. This is one of those situations.

When important sentimental items are lost or stolen, the rightful owner is always dejected, especially when there is little to no hope that the items will ever be retrieved again. Ann Perry-Smith, of British Columbia, Canada, had her car broken into in 2004. The thief made off with a diaper bag, a roll of film and a camera. Apart from the camera, nothing else had any intrinsic value, but that wasn’t what was bothering her.

Huffington Post

On the roll of film were pictures of her newborn baby, and those are memories that you can’t just go out to the store and replace. She had put them out of her mind some time ago, that is, until she saw the pictures posted on Facebook by a random woman who posted them in hopes of finding the rightful owner. She had been cruising through Facebook in 2013 when she noticed the pictures, realizing what they were, she immediately contacted the woman who had made the original post.

Daily Mail

Photos From Titanic Passengers Show What It Was Like Sailing On The Doomed Ship

More than 100 years after the Titanic set sail on its first – and final – voyage, we’re still captivated by this incredible ship and its tragic story.

Historical photos, including ones taken by passengers on the Titanic, paint the ship and its famous disaster in a new light.

1. Building the Titanic

The ship without its chimneys, in Belfast, Ireland.Wikimedia

When it set sail on April 10, 1912, the Titanic was the world’s largest ship. At 880 feet long and 175 feet high, it took a team of 20 horses just to drag the Titanic’s massive anchor, and the ship was under construction for three years.

The ship’s propeller, just before launch.Library of Congress
A colorized photo of the ship during construction.3D History
Two men pose with part of the ship’s massive engine.Thomas Schmid

2. The black mark

While crashing into an iceberg sealed the Titanic’s fate, some say it was doomed from the beginning.

Steve Raffield

Experts believe the black mark in this photo is evidence of a massive coal fire inside the ship’s hold. Trying to control the fire may have weaked the Titanic’s hull, and made the ship accelerate towards the iceberg.

Photos Of Early Hair Dryers Prove The Beauty Salon Has Changed A Lot Over 100 Years

The quest for beauty drives us to do some really crazy things.

Alexander Godefrey’s clients must have been a little worried when the French hairstylist asked them to put their heads into a sack attached to a chimney. It didn’t look like it at the time, but Godefrey had just invented the first hair dryer, way back in the 1890s.

A primitive hair dryer.Wikimedia

The inventor was trying to save time while preparing the elaborate hairstyles his clients loved, but his design had a few kinks. He had to add a steam valve to keep the machine from roasting the women’s heads.

Many early hair dryers were just vacuum cleaners.Emil Strassberg

Other inventors improved on Godefrey’s rough design, eventually making over-sized vacuum cleaners that sprayed air on your head.

Movie stars sporting short, clean hair created a demand for hair dryers.Women in Film Pioneers Project / Gajitz

But in the 1920s, the first handheld hair dryers hit the market, and revolutionized the beauty industry. Yes, they were solid metal and weighed a hefty two pounds, but perfect, clean hair was worth developing tennis elbow.

An electric perm machine.Glamour Daze

But the beauty salons weren’t done improving on the hair dryer.

Apparently You Can Be Sued For Posting A Picture Of Yourself On Social Media

It’s true, if someone holds the rights to a photo of you, you can be sued for using it without permission.

Jessica Simpson found this out the hard way after being slammed with a lawsuit for posting a picture of herself on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The photo agency, Splash News, had granted exclusive rights to the Daily Mail to publish paparazzi photos online of Simpson exiting the New York’s Bowery Hotel, which Simpson then shared on her various social media accounts.

Since Splash had the rights to these photos they are suing Simpson because, “The company never granted permission for Simpson, to use the photos, and by posting them online she violated Splash News’ copyright.”

Splash News contends that Simpson sharing the photo on social media took away potential revenue that could have been generated by licensing the photo to other media outlets.

This is why Splash is mad:

Historic Photos Show The Third Reich’s Evil Attempt To Create A “Master Race”

While we learn about the Holocaust and the horrors of the Nazi regime as schoolchildren, it’s hard to truly understand the Third Reich’s evil quest to create a “master race.”

These photos from the time period offer a glimpse into the disturbing realities of life under Adolf Hitler’s regime.

Warning: Some of the photos in this story are disturbing.

1. The rubble of WW1

German POWs.Britannica

During the chaos of the first World War, Germany lost as much as 4% of its population, or 2.8 million people. As the country came to grips with its new reality, the Treaty of Versailles that ended the war had a devastating effect on the country’s economy

A German veteran, 1919.Old Magazine Articles

As inflation and unemployment surged, Germans looked for a scapegoat for the country’s humiliating loss. Conspiracy theories about Jews, and racist pseudosciences gained popularity.

2. The origin of an evil idea

All That Is Interesting

Ideas about the superiority of one race over another were already popular throughout Europe. Many believed in fake sciences like phrenology – studying skull shapes – which claimed to reveal a person’s racial background.

A Nazi propaganda poster of an “Aryan” family.Vintage Posters

Writers like the French novelist Arthur de Gobineau used the name “Aryans” to mean a race of Germans who they argued were superior to all other races. German writers quickly took hold of the idea, including Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf.

Kathie Lee Gifford Looks Identical To Her 24-Year-Old Daughter In Vintage Photos

America has come to know Kathie Lee Gifford as the co-host of the Today show’s popular fourth hour alongside her close pal Hoda Kotb.

The pair have been entertaining viewers together since 2007, but they both had very different beginnings. Every so often, Gifford and Kotb like to take a look back at some of early moments in their careers.


Over the years, we’ve walked down memory lane with the co-hosts as they recalled memories such as Kotb’s days an anchor in New Orleans and Gifford’s stint on Days of Our Lives.

This week, while discussing a new book claiming anyone can do a split by doing the right stretches, Gifford decided to go even further back and share snaps of her high school days in Maryland.

Today Show

The Today star was a part of Bowie High School’s “great cheerleading squad,” and she explained that while she’s still flexible, it’s “not like I used to be.” Gifford then jokingly quipped that she was “the worst of all the cheerleaders” but she “took it very seriously.”


While looking at the black and white vintage photos, Kotb couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Gifford and her daughter, Cassidy.

“God, you and Cassidy look so much alike,” Kotb told her co-host.

Turns out, Kotb wasn’t exaggerating when she made the comment. 24-year-old Cassidy’s flowly blonde locks, big smile, and high cheekbones are an exact replica of her mother’s features when she was younger.

Oil Baron’s $250 Million Home Is America’s Most Expensive – Take A Look Inside

If you’re in the market for a new home with lots of room for a growing family, we have good news.

A very nice 65,000-acre slice of property has just hit the market in Texas, and it could be yours for only $250 million. Yes, that makes it America’s most expensive piece of property, but once you see all of the amenities you’ll understand why.

Mesa Vista Ranch

The ranch, named Mesa Vista, belongs to Texas oil baron T. Boone Pickens, who has owned it since 1971 when it was just a measly 2,000-acre lot he used for quail hunting.

Mesa Vista Ranch

Since then, the 89-year-old Pickens has expanded it quite a bit, with multiple buildings and special features.

Mesa Vista Ranch

First thing’s first: Mesa Vista’s crown jewel is a 33,000-square-foot main lodge, which is so spacious a family of five could move in and never bump into each other.

Mesa Vista Ranch
Mesa Vista Ranch
Mesa Vista Ranch
Mesa Vista Ranch

The house features vaulted ceilings, a two-story library, a 30-seat movie theater, and an industrial grade kitchen. The only thing that’s not included is Pickens’s huge art collection.

But the main house is just the tip of the Mesa Vista iceberg. Wait until you see the rest of the property.

Stunning Up-Close Photos Of Niagara Falls Freezing Over Is A Sight To Be Seen

When you visit this natural wonder of the world, you expect the 3,160 tons of water every second to come hurling over the waterfalls, until this wintery moment where it wasn’t.

With near-record low temperatures on New Year’s Day, even hearty Western New Yorkers headed straight indoors to stay warm.

Niagara Falls and Buffalo New York are accustomed to extreme weather and brutal winters. While mass amounts of snowfall are typical, these types of sub-freezing temperatures this early in the winter are not typical.

The area around the falls tends to ice over, but rarely does the water stop flowing.

And the results are not to be missed.

Cops Bust The Abominable Snowman With A Little Help From Santa In Hilarious Photos

After spending decades searching the Himalayas for signs of the abominable snowman, it turns out he was chilling in St. Helens, Oregon all along.

Police from the city arrested the yeti as part of their push to warn drivers about the dangers of drunk driving.

St. Helens Police Department

The police department’s press release explains that the days between December 15th and January 1st see “some of the most dangerous driving days of the year,” as people are more preoccupied with the holidays than safe driving.

Police also warned that more drivers are heading onto the roads after using drugs like marijuana, which is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

St. Helens Police Department

To get the point across, the St. Helens Police Department recruited Santa Claus as an honorary police officer, and the jolly old elf helped them nab the snowman.

It seems that the bumble didn’t get the memo about safe driving this holiday season, and police shared some hilarious photos of his arrest.

Newly Recovered Film Shows WW2 Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Levi Bettwieser is an accomplished photographer, and he runs The Rescued Film Project, which aims to restore old photographs from original film rolls.

Rumble – Screen Capture

Most of the film he receives is donated to him through a variety of channels, but he does spend a decent amount of time actually hunting down old film in order to see what can be salvaged and shared with the world. He sees himself as a “rescuer of those images from oblivion.”

He recently brought 31 rolls of film back from that very oblivion. The 31 rolls of film all came from same photographer, a WW2 vet who took the pictures as he fought his way across Europe.

Rumble – Screen Capture

Some of the rolls had been subjected to water damage or over exposure to light, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t able to save some of the picture that had remained undeveloped for nearly 70 years. The photos are absolutely beautiful, and they give a very open view of what life was like for soldiers crossing the Atlantic to fight their way across Europe.

Rumble – Screen Capture
Rumble – Screen Capture
SLR Lounge

To think that these pictures never surfaced before is actually kind of sad. World War 2 was a defining period in human history, and any candid photos of the war from a soldier’s point of view should be available to everyone.

20 Cringeworthy Gifts From Grandma That Were So Bad, They Were Great

Whether your grandma wants to sit you down for your hundredth game of Scrabble, or she has another one of her long-winded stories she needs you to hear, it’s hard to get mad at her when her intentions are good.

Gift giving can be a tricky business, especially when it comes from someone more than twice your age.

Check out this hilarious list of the most adorable gift fails from grandma and appreciate that they didn’t happen to you.

1. When your 84-year-old grandmother apologized for having to wear her nightgown in from of you.

You made the mistake of saying it looked comfortable. She took this as an invitation to get you into one, as well. Who could say no to that sweet face?

2. When your 91-year-old grandmother sends you exactly what you need for your next party.

She doesn’t need to know that you will win the “ugly sweater” contest with this gem.

3. When Grandma Crocheted a Shark Blanket

I don’t think she saw what she did there…

4. When you have the initials BJ, and grandma finds you a shirt thinking it was a great coincidence.

But you still have to wear it and not tell her why people are snickering.

5. When Grandma thinks you need a new mug for work.

“You know, because it looks like poop and I know you think that’s funny.”

6. When your daughter asks Grandma for fingerless gloves with flower on them.

She delivered.

7. When Grandma gets you a new shirt.

I don’t think she gets it.

8. When you jokingly tell Grandma you want 100 things from the dollar store for Christmas.

Clearly, Grandma doesn’t like a troll.

9. Such a sweet old lady!

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

You’re only half way there, get ready to keep laughing!

Bride Poses Alone For Heartbreaking Wedding Photos, But The Reason Why Is Inspiring

It’s a story that we sadly hear all too often: a police officer killed in the line of duty left behind a loving fiance.

But Nikki Salgot chose to do something special to remember her late fiance, and her project has been going viral ever since she unveiled it last month. Salgot’s fiance, Police Sergeant Collin Rose, was a member of the Wayne State University Police Department. He was shot and killed while investigating a suspicious person last year.

Rose was remembered as a respected member of his community, and Salgot was heartbroken for months after his death. “It’s been almost a year,” she wrote on Facebook last month, “and it still feels like yesterday he walked out the door for work, and never came home.”

“I loved a hero and paid the price,” she added. “Given the chance, knowing the outcome, I’d do it all over again.”

Rachel Smaller Photography

And while the couple couldn’t officially tie the knot, Salgot didn’t want their wedding date last month to be “ignored and forgotten.” She recruited her friend Rachel Smaller for a memorial photo shoot that would honor Rose and their relationship.

Rachel Smaller Photography

Smaller and Salgot hadn’t spoken for a decade when the widow sent her a message, but the photographer agreed right away. While no one can deny the photos she took are touching, Salgot says they have a special importance for her.

Never-Before-Seen Picture Of Young Martha Stewart Have Resurfaced

For decades, Martha Stewart has proven to us that she is unstoppable when it comes to all things cooking, entertaining, and decorating.

But did you know that Stewart wasn’t always the domestic goddess she is today?

Business Insider

Prior to starting the catering business that inspired her to launch Martha Stewart Inc., the multi-million dollar empire that currently includes books, a home decor line, a newspaper column, a radio and television show, Stewart worked as a stockbroker for the boutique firm of Monness, Williams, and Sidel.


But it was what she did before her time on Wall Street that surprised many of her fans. Turns out she had her first taste of the celebrity life when she was just 15 years old. The New Jersey native signed a modelling contract with a New York agency, and went on to appear in fashion shows, print and television advertisements for major brands during the late 50s and early 60s.

My Personal Legacy

A few years ago, Stewart opened up about her time working as a model in the PBS documentary, Makers, but now more photos of a fresh-faced college-aged Stewart has resurfaced online.

15 Pictures That Are So Perfect You’ll Swear They’re Fake

Have you ever seen a picture so perfect that it not only relaxed you, but also made you wonder just how it was accomplished? Well, Reddit’s “oddlysatisfying” board is full of pictures like this, and we’ve included 15 of our absolute favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Who KFC follows on Twitter: 5 Spice Girls, and 6 guys named Herb


This sunset, seen from a library


This island and cloud meeting


This adorable washed and blow-dried cow


This freshly-groomed ski slope


A completely hypnotic stack of coins


This perfectly-lined tape


These images just get more satisfying from here…

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Student Used Her Photos To Raise Awareness For Her Terrible Condition

Many kids nowadays seem so detached from their peers. High school has never been an easy time for kids, as we begin to go through so many life changes and come into contact with the “real world”. While we should be helping each other get through it all, too often we find ourselves at odds.

Perhaps that is why this story is so amazing. Madisyn Babcock is a student in Kansas, and at only 17-years-old, is already very active in her studies and with different school clubs. She plays music in her school band, is an avid artist, and has a lot of friends.

Unfortunately, she also has a rare medical condition that made it hard for her to cope with her daily life.

Madisyn suffers from alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss all over her body, but most obviously on her scalp.

When she was first diagnosed, she was devastated, but found a way to bring positivity back into her life, and for others.