Butterball Recalls Almost 40 Tons Of Ground Turkey Linked To Salmonella

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Shoppers should check the flour in their cupboards and on their grocery store’s shelves, after the Hometown Food Company issued a voluntary recall for Pillsbury flour products.The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) warns that some lots of Pillsbury Unbleached All Purpose Flour are contaminated with salmonella.#RecallAlert: Hometown Food Company announces voluntary recall on select Pillsbury Unbleached All Purpose Flour products because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. The flour products were sold

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All times and dates featured in this article are in local New Zealand time.At least 49 people are dead and 20 more are seriously injured following a pair of mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.Two LocationsUPDATE: SERIOUS FIREARMS INCIDENT https://t.co/AdfMqSO095— New Zealand Police (@nzpolice) March 15, 2019 Both attacks began at lunchtime on Friday while the mosques in Christchurch’s city center were crowded with worshipers.

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Simon Porte Jacquemus is a French fashion designer and the founder of the Jacquemus fashion label. He promoted his designs by having friends wear his creations until he received an invitation to Paris Fashion Week. JACQUEMUS / FacebookJust when you thought you had seen it all from fashion, voila – we have another hot trend. Meet the teeny tiny micro bag. He sent these ones out as invitations to the show. View this post on Instagram

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Guinness – Instagram / Edna Cavanaugh

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.Wouldn’t you like to get away, where everybody knows your name?Or, stick with us here, how about someplace where nobody knows your name, but the drinks are free instead?If that proposition interests you, you’ll want to sign up for the special contest Guinness is hosting this weekend,

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TheMedicalShots – Twitter

On Sunday, the Twitter account @TheMedicalShots treated its followers to a sweet photo of a little boy and girl.Dressed in scrubs – pink for the girl and green for the boy – the pair walk hand in hand down a hospital hallway. The girl’s outfit reads “Nurse in Training” on the back, while the boy’s reads “Doctor in Training.””This is cute, isn’t it?” the page asked. But Twitter users who

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Few cold cases have inspired more curiosity and speculation than the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann in 2007.Madeleine was only 3 years old when she was abducted from her parents’ holiday apartment in Portugal as they dined at a restaurant down the block.Now, a Netflix documentary series about her case is set to begin a new chapter in the search for the missing girl, as a police officer featured in the film

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More Than 12,000 Cases Of Pillsbury Flour Recalled Over Salmonella Risk

Krispy Kreme

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day – the only time of year when it’s safe to eat green food that isn’t normally green.In the spirit of the season, Krispy Kreme is bringing back their green O’riginal Glazed donuts. (See what they did there?)Krispy KremeIf the luck of the Irish is on your side, you can also win free donuts for a year by visiting the donut chain on Patty’s Day

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An investigation into an alleged college admissions bribery scam turned up two very surprising names: TV stars Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.The stars were among the list of more than 40 people indicted in a federal bribery case in Massachusetts Tuesday.Federal authorities say coaches and test administrators were bribed.BlogtrepreneurCharges of racketeering conspiracy were also brought against coaches at several U.S. colleges including Wake Forest University, Georgetown, and the University of Southern

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Fairfield Police Department – Facebook / Scott Davidson – Wikimedia

Just when you think you’re caught up on all of the dangerous new trends, police share an urgent warning about another one.This time, the warning comes courtesy of the Fairfield, New Jersey police department, and concerns a strange drink called “Catnip Cocktail.”The product is supposedly an animal sedative, but police say customers are buying it to get high and experience bizarre side effects.The strange drink is marketed as a pet sedative,

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The Late Late Show with James Corden – YouTube

Talk show hosts love to pull hidden camera pranks on their famous guests, but they rarely go off as well as the trick James Corden played on soccer star David Beckham.With a new statue of Beckham, 43, set to be unveiled at the LA Galaxy’s stadium, Corden recreated the unveiling of the “ugly Ronaldo bust” that horrified the internet with another disturbing statue.Corden specifically designed the statue to tick off David Beckham.

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Flores Family / Staff Sgt. Amber Grimm – U.S. Air Force

A Texas family is in mourning after losing a mother of three to a senseless crime.Keila Flores, 33, was killed on Saturday after a stranger hurled a rock into her car from a highway overpass.Now, her family is asking the person responsible to step forward and face the punishment for their crime.The mother of three was killed after a rock smashed the windshield of the car she was riding in.Flores FamilyThe

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Robert Wanes

A couple from Florida are counting their blessings after rescuing their son just in the nick of the time.Robert and Maria Wanes had returned home from a day spent on the water with their children earlier this month, when their 5-year-old son Nicholas went missing.As Nicholas told WPLG, he was trying to play “hide-and-go-seek,” but found a “not-good hiding spot” inside a drink cooler his parents had left outside to dry out.Nicholas

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Watch: Coolers Recalled After Boy Gets Trapped Inside

A couple from Florida are counting their blessings after rescuing their son just in the nick of the time.

Robert and Maria Wanes had returned home from a day spent on the water with their children earlier this month, when their 5-year-old son Nicholas went missing.

As Nicholas told WPLG, he was trying to play “hide-and-go-seek,” but found a “not-good hiding spot” inside a drink cooler his parents had left outside to dry out.

Trapped in cooler
Nicholas was trying to hide in the cooler when the lid shut above him.Robert Wanes

In a surveillance video from the Wanes’ home, little Nicholas can be seen ducking into the 18-gallon cooler.

For about two minutes, the cooler’s lid was held up by its latch and Nicholas was perfectly safe. But with a tug from Nicholas, the lid shut and he was trapped inside.

Nicholas started screaming right away, and his parents rushed to pull open the cooler.

“We just grabbed him for dear life,” Maria remembered. She realizes how lucky she was to hear her son’s cries, and doesn’t want “another family to not hear their child and go through this.”

[embedded content]

Robert placed the blame on the cooler’s maker, Igloo, and says there should be a way to open the container from inside.

“I know we’re all supposed to watch our kids and make sure they don’t crawl into a cooler, but as we know, it only takes a second to turn the other way,” he said.

In response, Igloo issued a voluntary recall of four products last week.

“We are very sorry for the scare this incident must have caused the child and his family, and very happy no one was injured,” the company said in a statement.

Igloo cooler
The Igloo Marine Quart coolers have been recalled because of a “performance malfunction” with the latch.Igloo

But Igloo also says there was a “performance malfunction” with the cooler’s latch that let the lid shut on Nicholas. The company says three products with the same latch have been recalled, along with the specific model Nicholas was trapped inside.

The four products affected are “Igloo Marine Elite” coolers sold at West Marine stores and marketed towards boaters. Igloo says some customers will be sent free “latch-replacement kits” to make their coolers safer.

Here is a complete list of the recalled products:

  • Igloo Marine Elite 72 quart; Item #00049375
  • Igloo Marine Elite 54 quart; Item #00049374
  • Igloo Marine Elite 94 quart; Item #00049574
  • Igloo Marine Elite 110 quart; Item #00034108

You can contact Igloo toll-free to request a latch-replacement kit at 1(888)-257-0934.


Make sure other parents see this upsetting video!

FDA Tests Find Asbestos In Makeup From Claire’s


It’s back-to-school season, which means it’s also back-to-school shopping season for parents across the country.While we fret about getting the right calculator or math set, most parents aren’t concerned they could be buying toxic school supplies for their young children.But a watchdog group says that’s just the case, and they’re warning parents which supplies to avoid.Toxic Ingredients In School SuppliesKemberly Groue – U.S. Air ForceEach year, the U.S. Public Interest

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YouTube – Jeopardy

In a sad announcement on Wedensday, everyone’s favorite quiz show host announced some troubling news about his health. Alex Trebek, the longtime host of Jeopardy, revealed that he is suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Trebek made the announcement in a video on the show’s official YouTube page. YouTube – Jeopardy Hi everyone, I have some news to share with all of you. And it’s in keeping with my longtime policy of being open

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Animal Adventures Park – Facebook / YouTube

A live video feed is already started as April the Giraffe – whose last pregnancy made her a viral sensation – is expected to welcome her fifth calf very soon.Workers at the 17-year-old giraffe’s home, the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, say that the birth of her next calf is “imminent.”This morning, the zoo shared graphic details suggesting the expectant mom is “almost there,” with the caveat that the birth

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When I was younger I took my stuffed panda bear, Domino, everywhere. He was my best friend, my confidant.Stuffed animals – or things like blankets, pillows, or other toys – are known in psychologist circles as “transitional” or “comfort” objects. They help a child experience new or unusual situations, liking sleeping alone for the first time, or spending the night in a new house. They ease the stress in children because they provide a

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Jordan Flake – Facebook / Simon_sees – Flickr

Sometime during our childhoods, we all learn that pointing out differences that are just skin deep is rude and unnecessary.But an American Airlines flight crew never got the memo, apparently.A South Carolina woman is speaking out after she and her infant son were kicked off their flight by the airline, all because of a harmless skin condition.Flake and her son both have ichthyosis.Jordan Flake – FacebookJordan Flake and her baby boy,

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Family movies make for wonderful family memories, unfortunately for Nicole Goddard, last month’s family movie night was a time she’d rather forget.Nicole and Jake Goddard, of Parker, Colorado, say they sit down every weekend to watch a family movie with their three children. They pick a movie, get the couch all comfy and, of course, pop a big bowl of popcorn.As they were watching Mrs. Doubtfire, their youngest child, Nash, started to choke.

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Popular Dog Food Brands Recalled For Containing Deadly Euthanasia Drug

Dog food is not exempt when it comes to food contamination, and unfortunately, it happens more often than it should.

Just a few days ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled pet food products from four different brands after six pets died or became ill. According to Time, they believe products from the companies Redbarn Pet Products, Raw For Paws Dog Food, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, and ZooLogics Pet Food may have come in contact with salmonella.

Around the same time news broke out about the possible salmonella contamination in pet food products, the FDA also learned some more frightening news about what may be lingering in our beloved canine’s food.

Nikki Mael was feeding her five dogs a can of Evanger’s pet food when they all suddenly started falling ill on New Year’s Eve 2016.

“They were falling over. They were running into the walls. They were convulsing,” she told ABC7. She sent what remained of the food to get tested, which revealed that her dogs consumed pentobarbital, which is a euthanasia drug.

Pet consumer advocates conducted further investigation by testing dozens of wet dog food from different brands, discovering that many of them were positive for the lethal drug.

Now the FDA is warning pet owners to avoid certain dog food brands…

Claire’s Recalls 17 Products After They Test Positive For Asbestos

Just weeks after we got some nasty news about the bacteria lurking on makeup testers, Claire’s is recalling 17 of their products.

The recall is the result of some impressive research by one Rhode Island mom who was curious about the ingredients in her 6-year-old daughter’s makeup kits. Kristie Warner sent a sample of her daughter’s makeup bought at Claire’s to an independent lab, and was stunned by the results.

One of the makeup sets tested by the Scientific Analytical InstituteWJAR

The product tested positive for tremolite asbestos, a variety of the toxic mineral which is known to cause health conditions including lung cancer, mesothelioma and a kind of lung scarring called asbestosis.

“I physically sank,” Warner said about getting the results back. “I ended up sitting on the ground, just trying to wrap my head around how something like that could end up in our home.”

Surprisingly, results like these aren’t unheard of either. A few months ago makeup from Justice tested positive for asbestos, before third-party testing debunked those results.


But Warner says she’s confident that the Scientific Analytical Institute, which tested both her products and the ones from Justice, has the results right this time.

The lab compared 17 samples from nine different states, each of which tested positive for asbestos.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nasty surprises hiding in your makeup.

Ford Recalls 1.3 Million Vehicles For Safety Issues

Another day, another car recall involving America’s second biggest automaker, Ford.

The company issued a recall that has been two years in the making, and it is expected to affect at least 1.3 million vehicles in North America, including the Unites States, Canada and Mexico.

Time Magazine

Back in 2015, Ford’s popular F-150 pickup trucks were found to have safety issues after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received multiple complaints. However, it wasn’t until this week that the car maker decided to take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

According to federal law, a manufacturer must notify the NHTSA within five business days of discovering a safety problem or it will face a fine. It’s unclear where Ford stands with the law at the moment, but the recall notice is the first step in this complicated process.

“We take the safety of our customers very seriously. Our decisions are driven by the data available,” explained Ford spokeswoman Elizabeth Weigandt in an email to Forbes. When the data indicates a safety recall is needed, we move quickly on behalf of our customers.”

So which models are affected?

More than 500,000 Car Seats Recalled In The U.S.

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance, not only to you, but to the manufacturers and the government as well. So when it comes to technology designed to protect your child, there are minimum standards that must be met.

Unfortunately, every once in a while brands fail to meet these requirements, triggering a recall.

This week, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for more than 500,000 car seats.


The nationwide recall affects a number of Diono car seat models that may not be able to adequately protect your child in the event of an accident.

The NHTSA documents reveal that when a child weighing 60 pounds or more is restrained in the seat using the lap belt without the top tether there is “an increased risk of chest injury” as well a “risk of striking the vehicle interior during a crash.”

So which models are affected?