Rescue Dog Steps Up To Agility Course, But His “Skills” Leave The Crowd Laughing

Each year, the Crufts dog show judges crown one pet “Best in Show” out of dozens of purebred competitors.

Unlike human beauty contests, they don’t hand out a congeniality award.

But if they did, a feisty four-year-old mixed breed named Kratu might walk away with this year’s.

The rescue dog, who’s full name is “Baron Kratu von Bearbum,” became a viral sensation after running the contest’s agility course in his own special way.

Kratu’s owner and trainer, Tessa Swan, says he was rescued from an abusive home as a puppy.

Since then, Swan has raised him to be an emotional support dog, and an ambassador for other rescued animals.

In fact, Kratu competed at Crufts this year to raise awareness for the charity that saved his life, Wood Green.

But his performance left something to be desired.

Watch the full video here.


Kratu managed to impress the audience, but mainly because he came up with new and creative ways of using the obstacles.

When he somehow pulled a 180 degree turn inside the plastic tube, the announcer was flabbergasted.

“He couldn’t care less, could be?” he asked, as Kratu ran off the floor for the second time to greet volunteers on the sidelines.

Despite losing the competition, Swan is enjoying all the attention Kratu attracted, and says his silly antics are just like him.

“He’s the reason I get up every day,” she told the announcer.

But Kratu isn’t the only dog who refused to follow the rules this year…

When They Turned Off A Disabled Teen’s Life Support, A Heroic Stranger Came To His Rescue

Some of my closest relatives have struggled to pay their medical bills these past few years, so I know just how stressful it can be.

The last thing a sick person and their family need to think about is how they’re going to keep their lights on.

That’s what makes this story out of Clinton Township, Michigan so heartbreaking. But a hero stepped in just when he was needed most, and we can all take inspiration from his act of kindness.

Christy Stone and her husband Guy had been struggling to pay their bills in 2016.

With job losses and car payments, the couple were working hard to make ends meet and support their five children.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, two of Christy’s sons had muscular dystrophy, and 18-year-old Troy’s case was so severe he needed an electric ventilator to breathe.

Christy Stone and her son Troy.WXYZ

The seven machines needed to keep the ventilator running tripled the family’s bill.

Because Troy would die without the ventilator, the Stones had even given a doctor’s letter explaining his case to the local power company.

But that didn’t stop them from turning the couple’s power off when they fell behind on their bills – Christy says a missing doctor’s signature was the reason the letter was ignored.

When the power was turned off, Christy found herself in a race against the clock to get Troy to a hospital.

The machine’s battery had just hours left when firefighters arrived at her home to help Troy.

But one of those firefighters, Ryan McCuen, turned out to be an angel in disguise.

Airline Employee’s Eye For Detail Saved Two Teens From Being Human Trafficked

Human trafficking is one of those terrible crimes that sadly doesn’t get enough attention in our society.

The Justice Department estimates that as many as 17,500 Americans are trafficked every year, and become the victims of sexual assault and other crimes.

The Global Slavery Index reported that 50,000 people in America could be the victims of human trafficking right now.

Children are more vulnerable than adults, and the Department of State says a stunning 244,000 children are “at risk” of being trafficked.

That’s why American Airlines employee Denice Miracle is being recognized by the sheriff’s department in Sacramento, California.

The quick-thinking airline employee may have saved two teenage girls from a living hell.

The girls, 15 and 17 years old, walked up to Miracle’s counter with luggage but no ID, hoping to fly from Sacramento to New York on prepaid tickets. Miracle says she knew something was off right away.


“I think the way they kept looking back-and-forth at each other, like they weren’t really sure,” she told KOVR about her instinct.

“And then they were texting someone on the phone, and that person was giving them answers.”

A little digging revealed the pricey first-class tickets had been purchased with another person’s credit card.

“It just doesn’t feel right to me,” Miracle thought, and she called the local sheriff’s department.

But even they were surprised by how close these girls came to something truly horrible.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says the two teenagers were defensive about their tickets and travel plans.

Eventually, they revealed they had met a man named “Drey” on Instagram, and he had bought the tickets.

The girls said Drey had offered them $2,000 to appear in a music video as models. That’s when the police pointed out a chilling detail.

Olympic Skater Adopts Dog On Its Way To Be Butchered For Meat

Many Asian countries still eat dog meat as a common meal, despite efforts to end the practice. It’s a controversial topic, with some saying that it is a cultural tradition which should not be looked down on. Others say it’s inhumane to eat creatures that we value so much.

Not all Asian countries still partake, with Taiwan implementing a law that prohibits the consumption of cats and dogs. The law was included as an amendment to a previous law introduced in 2011, which prohibited the sale of dog meat. The new law means fines of between $1380 USD and $7000 USD. Repeat offenders are subjected to “public shaming” and a fine of up to $138,000 USD. The new law also makes it illegal to “walk” your dog by having them run beside your car or scooter, as it led to too many injuries in the dogs.

Sky News

However, countries like South Korea still consume dog meat on a daily basis, and it became a big topic of conversation as the Olympics drew closer. Almost two million dogs each year are bred on dog meat farms for human consumption. PyeongChang officials asked that the 12 restaurants that serve dog meat in the city change their menus while the games are on in order to avoid bad press. Not everyone has complied, however.

“We’ve faced a lot of complaints from restaurant operators that we are threatening their livelihood,” county official Lee Yong-bae told AFP. “Some of them initially shifted to selling pork or things instead of dog meat only to find their sales plunging sharply. They then switched back to dog meat.”

Many animal activists called to boycott the Olympics because of the dog meat trade, but eventually it seemed that people stopped caring.

Not everyone did, though.

Dwayne Johnson Describes Saving His Mom From Committing Suicide As A Teenager

Dwayne Johnson, the actor better known by his pro wrestling alter ego “The Rock,” shared an emotional Instagram post that had his fans reaching for tissues this week.

In the past, Johnson has shared memories about his mother, Ata Johnson, on social media. While it’s clear the giant actor loves his devoted mom, things weren’t always easy for the movie star’s family.

Dwayne Johnson as a teenager, with his father Rocky and mother Ata.SAM64H / Twitter

When Johnson was growing up, his father (who was also a wrestler) saw his career decline. Last year at Thanksgiving, Johnson remembered that his family was once too poor to even celebrate the holiday.

“We couldn’t even afford Thanksgiving dinner and was praying someone would invite us over their house to eat,” Johnson told his fans on Instagram.

After we bowed our heads in prayer, we went around the table and everyone shared what they were thankful for. Beautiful seeing and listening to everyone speak from their heart. Tears, laughter and boundless gratitude. Personally, I’m a little surprised no one expressed how thankful they were that THE Sexiest Man Alive (I refuse to relinquish my title to Blake Shelton or any man) was sitting at the table. I didn’t want to be a dick and interrupt the prayer, but at some point someones gotta address the elephant in the room. Jokes aside, it was a very special Thanksgiving. As my mom pointed out earlier in the day, there was a time back in ‘87 when we couldn’t even afford Thanksgiving dinner and was praying someone would invite us over their house to eat. We were in a tough spot back then, but we got thru it. And here we are today. One big, extended, blended, slightly crazy, loving, grateful ohana. #sib ❤️🥁💫

A post shared by therock (@therock) on Nov 24, 2017 at 11:50am PST

“We were in a tough spot back then, but we got thru it.”

On Mother’s Day last year, the actor shared another emotional photo of his mother crying on his private airplane. He revealed that, when he was just 14, his family had been evicted from their home, and had their car repossessed, so his mother was simply overwhelmed by her son’s success.

“And y’all know when our parents tell us they’re happy, its so satisfying for us,” Johnson wrote, “’cause it means we’ve done a good job for them as their kids.”

But, earlier this week, Johnson remembered another unhappy memory about his mom, and the time he had to stop her from taking her own life.

Young Girl Saves Family From House Fire After Learning Safety Tips At School

A seven-year-old girl has saved her family members from a roaring blaze after learning fire safety tips at school.

Tracy Durant’s quick thinking saved her cousins’s lives, after a fire broke out out when her 13-year-old cousin, Shemaiah, was cooking on the stove.

“It looked like when the stove was on and it came up top and then it kept getting bigger and bigger,” Tracy told WEAR. “I didn’t want us to get killed.”

The young girl’s parents weren’t at their Florida home at the time, so she ran to her neighbor’s house to making the life-saving 911 phone call.

Hero Of Kentucky School Shooting Describes How He Saved A Friend’s Life In The Chaos

In the aftermath of 2018’s first deadly school shooting, the small town of Benton, Kentucky is thanking an unlikely hero.

Two teenagers were killed after one of their fellow students opened fire at the town’s Marshall County High School. Another 14 students were shot, and four more were injured in the rush to escape the school.

Emergency crews outside the school on Tuesday morning.AP

The tiny community of less than 5,000 people is in shock as victims as young as 14 years old remain in the hospital. But everyone in Benton is thankful for Tristan Cline.

Cline was just arriving at school when the shooting began.CBS

The junior was just arriving at school on Tuesday morning when the gunman opened fire. Cline described the terrifying scene to CBS:

“I saw everybody rush out in a panic. I mean, it had to have been 400 kids, and I started to flee in my car and that’s when I saw my friend Danny.”

Cline says his friend had been shot while trying to escape the school, and had collapsed on the lawn outside.

Despite the risk to his life, Cline didn’t hesitate to help his friend, and authorities say his quick thinking may have saved his life.

Father Ignores The Cops And Trusts His Instinct By Hiring A Helicopter To Find His Trapped Son

A father’s instinct has led to the rescue of his son after a car crash nearly ended in tragedy. Tony Lethbridge was worried because it had been 24 hours since he heard from his son.

After many unanswered phone calls, Lethbridge and his wife went for a drive to see if they could find 17-year-old Samuel, but saw no sign of him. “We got back into Newcastle about 1:30 am [Monday morning] and went straight to the police station,” Lethbridge said. “They told us that he might have ran away, he could have done this or he could have done that and we just said, ‘It’s out of character; it’s not him.'”


The police told the couple to go home and wait while they started their search, but Lethbridge couldn’t get it over the feeling that something had gone wrong. “I just couldn’t get it out of my head that he’d crashed somewhere.”

The last thing he knew was that his son was supposed to be heading to his girlfriend’s house, but he never showed up. It was while thinking about the routes he would have taken that he remembered an accident that had taken place a few years ago where a person went missing for five days before anyone found the vehicle.

“And he’d passed away,” Lethbridge said. “That was in my head, so I just thought bugger this I’m not going to sit around and wait. “With the way the bush is there, if a car goes in you’re not going to see it. The only way you’ll see it is from the air. And that’s what we did.”

The concerned father wasn’t going to sit around and wait, he took matters into his own hands and headed to the airport.

A Mother And Her Son Are Devoting Themselves To Saving Dog’s Lives

A small fundraiser in Texas has gone viral, after a video shared on Facebook stole the hearts of everyone that viewed it.

The video was a compilation of videos of a young boy named Roman, holding a number of different dogs that needed homes. In the videos, Roman talked about their best qualities and why people should be adopting them. Throughout some of the videos, Roman started to tear up talking about what some of the dogs had been through in the past, completely breaking the hearts of viewers.

These videos are made by Roman and his mother Jennifer, who together, run the organization “Project Freedom Ride.” Project Freedom Ride is a new fundraiser based in Texas. It was started to transport dogs in shelters from Texas, to Washington, and other northern states.

When A Passenger Collapsed On His Flight, Dr. Oz Came To The Rescue

A long-haul flight from New York to Las Vegas is probably the worst possible location for a medical emergency.

But if you are going to pass out during a flight, having the famous TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz as a fellow passenger is pretty lucky.

Sony Pictures Television

In case you didn’t know, Oz doesn’t just play a doctor on TV. He’s a real cardiothoracic surgeon. And when he’s not hosting his popular TV show, Oz works as the director of New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Cardiovascular Institute.

That means his fellow passenger was lucky to have the good doctor on board when he collapsed. Oz says that he was alerted to the emergency when “I was grabbed by a stewardess on the plane after a 30-year-old guy collapsed.”

It sounds like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but Dr. Oz didn’t hesitate to help the passenger.

Dr. Oz appeared in ads for Turkish Airlines.Turkish Airlines

“I got him to lie on his back and [put] his feet up on the emergency doors, and with that I began to get a reasonable pulse and blood pressure,” he told Page Six.

Oz even jury-rigged an EKG machine out of the plane’s emergency defibrillator.

But the passenger’s condition took a turn for the worse before the plane landed.

Man Saves Choking Toddler During First Act As A Police Officer

An Indiana man saved a toddler’s life during his first ever act as a police officer.

Hobart police officer Richard Mayer was eating at a local Chick-Fil-A with his colleagues on Jan. 14 when he noticed a toddler was choking on her meal.

Melissa Hasse, urgently picked up her daughter, Charlotte, and started running towards the man in uniform for help.

“I looked over and she started gagging. I could see something kind of in the back of her throat, mistakenly reached in to try to grab it out, I think that pushed it back into her throat,” Hasse told ABC 7.

Mayer said the incident caught all of the officers off guard.

“She came running over… I grabbed her and Officer Ramos to my right flipped her over, we did back slaps on her and got food dislodged from her throat right away,” Mayer said.

Hasse couldn’t have been more grateful.

“This is what he was meant to do,” Hasse said. “To save lives in some kind of way.”

While an amazing story, this isn’t the first time police officers have been in the news for doing something spectacular.

Pet Rescue Center Gives A Second Chance To Pets, Addicts, And Disabled Workers

To some of us, there’s nothing more precious than the feeling we get from being good to our pets. Whether it’s taking our favorite puppy out for walkies, getting our precious kitty some catnip, teaching our pretty bird to talk, or even feeding our tiny little hamster (because our parents wouldn’t let us get anything bigger), we love our furbabies like nothing else.

Pet Universe

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone who takes on the responsibility of owning a pet. Too often, we see animals abused, neglected, abandoned to fend for themselves, or even straight up killed by people who either can’t handle the task, or even worse, outwardly hate these furry little angels.


Fortunately, there are plenty of organizations worldwide that are dedicated to the protection, preservation and rehousing of all these precious creatures. These organizations do great work, but unfortunately also often need all the help they can get in order to stay afloat.


For the A1 Wheatbelt Dog Rescue in Australia, the solution to this problem was simple: hire recovering addicts and disabled people who have a hard time getting work!

6-Year-Old Boy Becomes A Hero On His Birthday After Saving His Sister

Most kids look up to their hero, rather than become one.

Some kids are given the chance to go above and beyond expectations, and when they are put to the task, they’ve not only changed their own lives, but the lives of others.

What these kids learn the most is that real life heroes don’t have to wear capes to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.

For instance, when the home of 10-year-old Antoine Burks was engulfed in flames, all he could think about was getting his younger sister to safety.

The fire destroyed everything the family owned, but Antoine ran back into his home and rescued his six-year-old sister Trinity.

“I thought, what if something bad happens to her, it might have been my fault because I am her big brother, and I have to protect her,” he told reporters.

A six-year-old boy from Circleville, Ohio showed the same bravery and quick-thinking as Antoine…on his birthday.

He received the best present he could have ever asked for.

Daughter Created A ‘Wall Of Sorrow’ To Convince Her Dad She Needed A Cat

It’s hard being an animal lover sometimes, because you just can’t save them all. There are millions of animals out there who need loving homes, but we can only fit so many in our homes. Well, one young girl wanted to help give a cat a home for the holidays, but the way she went about it is probably the funniest and most clever way imaginable.

13-year-old Peyton Grubisic wanted a cat more then anything. She had been sad since the family’s 19-year-old cat passed away two years ago of old age. Peyton begged her father for a cat, hoping that he would let her adopt one from a shelter, but he kept saying no.

She wasn’t about to give up. According to her sister, who shared the whole story on Twitter, Peyton decided that if asking wasn’t going to work, she would have to try something else. That’s when she took her negotiation tactic to a new level…

Kitten With “Smushed” Face Beats The Odds And Finds Furever Home

A health plagued kitten has found fame on the internet after having a rough start to life. She was fighting for her life, and while the people at the animal shelter almost gave up on her, she was able to pull through and find the perfect family.

“When she was a tiny kitten she wasn’t eating on her own so she had to be syringe fed every four hours or she would have been euthanized,” Shannon Jackson, the kitten’s owner, said of her pet. “She had a terrible case of ringworm and was on a bunch of medications and had a lot of lyme baths. She also had an upper respiratory infection.”

While it all sounds like a lot, the shelter was able to get her healthy before she went out to her foster home and waited for someone to adopt her. Jackson works with the rescue who was taking care of the tiny kitten as a photographer so when she saw kitten posted online she became obsessed.  

She knew that she was completely in love with this kitten, but what she didn’t know was if she had already found a home…

Man Who Saved Rabbit From Wildfire In Viral Video Speaks Out After Facing Backlash

As emergency workers race to fight the wildfires burning in California, one small act of kindness is getting a lot of attention.

The dramatic video was all over the news last week: cameras captured an unidentified man in a red hoodie running towards the fires, before scooping up a rabbit and dashing across a highway with the animal in his arms. But whether you saw the video as a rabbit rescue or an act of stupidity depended on your point of view.


Many shared the video, saying it showed a good deed by an animal lover, while others slammed the anonymous rescuer for putting himself in danger. They argued that the man was putting himself at risk, along with emergency workers in the area.

Even celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres took sides, with the TV host sharing the video on Instagram with a message saying “To everyone who, in the chaos of these fires, is taking time to look out for animals, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Now, the man in the video, 21-year-old Caleb Wadman, is telling his side of the story, and revealing what you don’t see in the viral video. Wadman was driving down California’s Highway 1 when he passed the Thomas fire, the largest and most intense wildfire, which is still raging right now.

Wadman spotted a rabbit running towards the flames and pulled over, but the video doesn’t tell the whole story of his daring rescue.

Heroic Cat Took On A Deadly Rattle Snake To Save A Girl’s Life

Oreo the cat is down to just eight lives after rescuing his “big sister” from a deadly predator.

The fierce feline was raised by 10-year-old Jaiden Peterson from Orlando, Florida since he was a kitten. That gave the pair an unbreakable bond, and the cat is so close with Jaiden that her family used to call her Oreo’s “big sister.” But from now on, they’re calling Oreo her guardian angel.

Jaiden and Oreo.UPI

“It’s not just Jaiden that has such a strong bond, although she is the closest,” her grandmother Cyndi Anderson told LoveMeow. “It’s the whole family. He seems to watch over everyone in strange, inexplicable ways, including the eleven-month-old human sister. He seems to be wise beyond his years.”

Cyndi Anderson

She also describes him as “loyal beyond loyal,” explaining that Oreo never lets Jaiden or her siblings out of his sight, and that he even sleeps next to her at night. In fact, Oreo is more like a guard dog than a pet cat, and that came in handy when an eastern diamondback rattlesnake crept up on Jaiden.

The young girl was playing outside with her siblings when she noticed Oreo was acting strange. That’s when her beloved pet stepped between her and the snake.

Heroic Cat Took On A Deadly Rattlesnake To Save A Girl’s Life

Oreo the cat is down to just eight lives after rescuing his “big sister” from a deadly predator.

The fierce feline was raised by 10-year-old Jaiden Peterson from Orlando, Florida since he was a kitten. That gave the pair an unbreakable bond, and the cat is so close with Jaiden that her family used to call her Oreo’s “big sister.” But from now on, they’re calling Oreo her guardian angel.

Jaiden and Oreo.UPI

“It’s not just Jaiden that has such a strong bond, although she is the closest,” her grandmother Cyndi Anderson told LoveMeow. “It’s the whole family. He seems to watch over everyone in strange, inexplicable ways, including the eleven-month-old human sister. He seems to be wise beyond his years.”

Cyndi Anderson

She also describes him as “loyal beyond loyal,” explaining that Oreo never lets Jaiden or her siblings out of his sight, and that he even sleeps next to her at night. In fact, Oreo is more like a guard dog than a pet cat, and that came in handy when an eastern diamondback rattlesnake crept up on Jaiden.

The young girl was playing outside with her siblings when she noticed Oreo was acting strange. That’s when her beloved pet stepped between her and the snake.

Dog Found Deaf And Alone At Gas Station Learns Sign Language To Help Him Find A Home

The hurricanes that ripped through the country earlier this year not only destroyed people’s homes, but also displaced thousands of pets. As heartbreaking as it is, many animals were left behind in the commotion. Scruffy was one of the unfortunate dogs who lost his home, but that wasn’t all he lost.

Scruffy was found at a gas station in Houston, Texas, after hurricane Harvey destroyed so much of the city. He had nowhere to go and no one seemed to be looking for him. The problem wasn’t only that Scruffy was homeless, he was also sick. His ears were severely infected when he was brought into the shelter, but they knew he deserved a chance at a happy life.

Steve Somerville/Metroland

Scruffy was one of 40 dogs that were taken in by the rescue agency Redemption Paws, who brought the animals up to Canada to give them the medical attention they so badly needed. Now that he was safe, he just needed somewhere to stay while they looked for his forever home. They found someone to foster him, but while he’s been there, he has picked up some unique skills that very few dogs would know…

Army Dogs Were Being Put Down After Serving, Until Their Handlers Decided To Do Something About It

Belgian shepherds Kevin and Dazz spent years putting their lives on the line for their fellow soldiers. They were both trained to sniff out IEDs and protect others from harm and they performed their job wonderfully. They are now able to retire, but apparently for military dogs, retirement isn’t always the best option.

Kevin and Dazz didn’t have a home to go to, so their commanding officer had ordered them to be put down. Obviously this did not go over well, and their handlers were furious with the news. “There’s no protocol to decide if a dog is put down. The commanding officer decides and that’s it. It’s such a cruel way to treat ­animals that have given so much.”

But the people who actually were responsible for the dogs weren’t going to let this happen. “We’ll do anything to save these dogs. We’ll go to Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson if need be.”

The Army spokesman said that, “Wherever possible we endeavor to rehome military working dogs. Sadly there are occasions where this is not possible.” But the people who loved the dogs weren’t satisfied with the answer and kept working to find a solution. Even Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan stepped in to try and help these dogs find new homes.

Duncan said that these dogs had “fought fearlessly alongside our soldiers… Let us now be the ones to fight for them and give them a chance to live happy lives where they can thrive. It is the least they deserve.”

Well, the Army has finally responded do their requests…