Girl Leaves Hilarious Message For Santa In The Snow

When Christmas season rolls around, kids work furiously to write their letters to Santa. The requests can range anywhere from a new video game to baby siblings (yikes!), but rarely do kids ask Santa to take something away from them.

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One girl in Canada must have been pretty tired of her older sibling, because when she began writing a message to Santa, it took a pretty hilarious turn.

Nine-year-old Jennifer Murphy was spray painting a message in the snow banks for the Big Man before the big day, when her mom noticed her message included a strange request.

Deaf Children Finally Get To Hear Santa When They Discover He Speaks Sign Language

For parents nationwide, one of the biggest Christmas traditions has easily got to be taking your kids to meet Santa Claus in the weeks leading up to Christmas. While not every child necessarily reacts all that well to it, it can be a pretty magical event to meet the man in the red suit himself, listen to his cheerful voice, and tell him what you want more than anything in the world for Christmas.

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Of course, meeting Santa isn’t necessarily going to be the same experience for everybody. While some kids have a laundry list of toys they want to get, others come from households where they’re lucky if they get even one present, which can easily make meeting the man in red a bittersweet experience. On top of that, kids with significant disorders or disabilities can often have a drastically different experience of meeting the man, if they even get to at all.


Which is what makes the moment that a little deaf girl gets to meet Santa Claus all the better, because as it turns out, she and Santa share a few things in common…

7-Year-Old Asks Santa For A Blanket, And The Response Brought Us To Tears

While many children sit down to write their letter to Santa, asking for the hottest toy, a new Xbox or one of those Fingerling things, 7-year-old Crystal Pacheco had something else in mind.

When the 7-year-old from Texas wrote her letter to Santa, she asked for some things that wouldn’t even come to mind of most kids her age.

Asking for basic necessities, including food and a blanket, this first-grader broke the heart of her teacher.


With the help of social media, it was not only her teacher that saw her letter, it was the entire world that heard her wish.

After A Revolutionary Surgery, This Three-Year-Old Girl Could Walk To Santa Without Help

Cerebral palsy is one of the most debilitating and unfortunately common movement disorders in children, and to live with it is to basically be fighting your own body. Those who suffer from the disorder have varying symptoms, but among the most common are poor coordination, weak muscles, and tremors, all of which make it incredibly difficult to move of your own accord.


Researchers believe they’ve identified several root causes of the disorder, which range from infections incurred while in the womb, to head injury and trauma during the first few years of life. The treatments for it are just as varied, with things like wearing braces on afflicted areas and taking medication being the most common, but severe cases often tend to require surgery and other invasive procedures to manage. This condition is a ton for any grown adult to go through, let alone a child, and as a result it can lead to kids feeling like it’s preventing them from essentially, well, being a kid.

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However, recent developments in the treatment of the disorder are paving the way for kids who suffer from cerebral palsy to lead completely normal lives, and the latest, greatest example comes from a little girl who was able to take her first unassisted steps to meet Santa Claus…

This 10-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa Is Priceless

Dear Santa,

I am a 10-month-old baby and I am writing you this letter because my mother has been sending people my “Christmas List” and it in no way represents the things I actually want. Getting some stacking blocks, and an elephant that lights up is cool and everything, but it’s not what my heart really desires.

I keep hearing the adults make the joke that all a 10-month-old baby wants is the wrapping paper and boxes and that isn’t far from the truth. But as much fun as the playing with paper and packaging sounds, I do have a number of additional things I would like to see under the tree this year.

My list is enclosed below.

Have a Merry Christmas!

– 10-month-old baby

This power cord

I want this more than I have wanted anything else in my 10 months of life. I also want the power strip with the fun orange light that it’s connected to. I would settle for just a bunch of electrical cords, but in general I love the ones that hide behind mom’s desk.

The wall mounted entertainment center

Every time I go near the one mom has, I get in trouble, so I would like one for my own. I have no idea why mom won’t let me play with it, but if you bring me one, I can put it in my room and she can’t say anything about it.

House keys

I would also love a set of house keys. They have to be the metal ones though, not those over-sized plastic ones they make for ‘babies’. I know those are just a fake to keep us away from the real deal. I love putting these in my mouse and listen to them jingle.

Everybody’s glasses

Everyone who I see that has these, I must have them. To put in my mouth, clearly. Everyone gets so scared when I take these spectacles off their face, I’m not going to break them, I just like to hold them really tight and never give them back.

25 Times Kids Really Didn’t Enjoy Their Holly Jolly Photo-Op With Santa

Every year, parents bring their kids to the mall to get their picture taken with Santa. They get the chance to finally ask for what they really want, and maybe justify some of those days where they didn’t exactly make the nice list.

The problem is that kids don’t seem to always love being handed to a stranger and being told to smile. I guess having a bearded man laugh a jolly “ho, ho, ho” in your face doesn’t seem to make everyone happy. Luckily, Santa is a pro and never seems to take it personally. You know what, it can be overwhelming to meet a celebrity, can you really blame these kids?

1. They might try to run and hide

Ashton-Michael Kirkham

2. Sometimes one gets upset and the other just doesn’t get what all the fuss is about

Julee Wilson

3. The face of pure joy

Kimberly Cardoza

4. It looks as though Santa just told her she didn’t make the “Nice” list

Peggy Smith

5. Listen, he’s doing his best, but sometimes even Santa breaks down

Bridget Waldman Sheeran

6. “Mom, please, I swear I’ll eat the carrots if you save me!”

Amy Klebart

7. “He said a pony wouldn’t fit down the chimney!”

Julie Simms

8. Even presents couldn’t save him…

Jocelynn Lauren

These aren’t the only kids having a rough Christmas…

Toddler’s Santa Picture Looks Normal, Until Mom Points Out His Hands

If you’re a parent or grandparent who loves Christmas, chances are one of the things you get the most excited about is taking your little one to meet the man in red himself, Santa Claus. It’s the perfect start to the holiday season, and usually comes alongside a bunch of other festive activities, like decorating the house, baking cookies, and doing your shopping.


Or course, anybody who’s actually taken their toddler to meet Santa can tell you that it’s not always quite as simple and straightforward as you would hope. Toddlers don’t always like being handed off to a mysterious old man they’ve never met before, and the fact that he is (allegedly) the one that brings them presents and is supposed to be a jolly friend to good children is often kind of lost on them. A quick look at the internet shows that there’s no shortage of photos of kids being absolutely terrified of Santa Claus.


So it came that Kerry Spencer, the mother to a toddler, took her son to visit the man in red at her local mall, and much like many children before him, the kid just was not having it. However, instead of screaming and crying like most children would, he had a bit of a different way of expressing how he felt…

20 Two-year-olds Went To Visit Santa And He Was Not Prepared

It can be hard to get one toddler to smile for a picture, let alone 20, but these moms pulled off the impossible in their recent visit to the mall.

Santa Claus had no idea what he was in for when he sat in his chair at the Woodfield Mall in Illinois.

Stacy Kifer, co-founder of “Chicago Twin Moms,” a parenting group for moms with multiples under the age of two, organized 20 toddlers and their moms for a very special holiday picture.

“At some point, we realized that parenting newborn twins is a little bit isolating,” said Kifer. “Our online groups became an outlet to discuss the highs and lows of parenting multiples, and we decided that we should get together and meet each other in real life.”

Their group started out small, with just five moms and their twins meeting for lunch. Now the group has larger meet-ups and even manage to snag some child-free time.

“Last month, we went to a wine and painting event,” said Kifer. “Our husbands have all been very supportive of us and our outings.”

Since they share the same experiences, they can relate to each-others’ daily lives the way many others can’t.

“They all have similarly aged children, so they are living a very similar experience,” she said. “We can talk through both our challenges as well as things we’ve found that work well. We can share tips like ‘Don’t buy any gifts for your toddler that include a hammer or sticks.'”

So when they went to see Santa, you can imagine the look of surprise on his face.

Tattooed Santa Was Asked To Stop Flipping Kids Upside Down, And People Are Angry

How many of us remember going to Santa as a kid to get our picture taken? If your parents were anything like mine, then you would find yourself dressed up in your Sunday best, told to be on your best behavior, and not to fight with your siblings.

Well, that tradition has been changing up lately, and one particular Santa is helping to make this a more fun activity to remember.

A mall Santa in Pennsylvania has gained a following over the years thanks to his unorthodox methods when posing for pictures.

Scott Diethorne, or Santa Scott, offers to take weird requests for people’s holiday photos. These have included holding pets, showing off his “Naughty” and “Nice” tattoos” inked along his forearms, and even flipping your kids upside down, and all for no extra cost.

Despite the joy that Santa Scott’s large fan base gets from his enthusiastic demonstrations, Cherry Hill Studios, the photo company working with the mall has asked him to “tone it down” this year.

And holiday shoppers have some thoughts on that.

15 Letters From Santa That Definitely Put Kids On His Naughty List

Have you ever read a letter to Santa that just made you laugh? Sometimes kids have the funniest was of wording what they want from the man in the red suit, and in the case of these 15 kids, the results are absolutely hilarious.

1) “He may look sweet but he is the Devil”


2) “There will be consequences”


3) “Just give me tens and ones of mony (sic)”


4) “Mitch is very kind-hearted but has a bad temper”


5) “Please text my dad”


6) “Bring batteries”


7) “Hannah Montana”


The letters get funnier from here…

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1-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Loses Hearing Aid While Visiting Santa, And Now He Needs Your Help

A New Jersey family was hoping for a Christmas miracle when their one-year-old son lost his hearing aid while visiting Santa at the mall in New Jersey.

“We decided to go home and on our way out of the mall, we decided to stop at a kiosk to get an ornament and we’re assuming somewhere between the walk from the food court to the kiosk to home, he must’ve ripped it out since he was facing outward in the stroller, we didn’t see it fall,” his mother Liz Pepin said.

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The didn’t notice it was gone until they got home.

“Twenty minutes after we got home, we were looking for it,” Pepin said. “We tore the house apart. It’s not here.”

Everett Pepin, who turns two in January, was diagnosed with a type of eye cancer as a newborn. He lost some hearing in both ears during his chemotherapy treatments.

Undergoing six rounds of chemo, he was cleared for 10 months, but in May relapsed again. After one more treatment this past summer, the family realized that he was having issues with his hearing.

“After treatment, we started realizing his speech is delayed, he’s not really speaking,” Liz said. “We got him tested and they found out he had hearing loss from the chemotherapy. He is currently stable but with this particular cancer, he is likely to have reoccurrence until the age of 5.”

Everett only wears a hearing aid in his left ear, but losing it would be costly for the family.

“A hearing aid, typically if insurance doesn’t pay for it, it’s over $1,000,” Liz said.

Watch the video and share with a friend to see if we can make this family’s Christmas a bit brighter.

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6-Year-Old’s Savage Letter To Santa Is Cracking Up The Internet

What age did you start to realize Santa wasn’t real? For me, it was probably later than it should have been. I was about 12 when it started to sink in that it wasn’t at all possible. I blame my older brother, though, because every time I asked him if Santa was real I got a resounding “yes”, and I trusted his opinion.

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According to a poll in 2011, 84% of adults said they stopped believing in Santa around age 8. Studies believe this is when kids reach the age of questioning the logistics of things. It’s no longer “how do you know I’m being naughty?” It’s more about “how do you fit down the chimney?” and “how can you make it around the world in one night?”

It’s also when kids start to connect the dots. Suddenly, Santa’s writing is eerily similar to Mom and Dad’s, and they somehow manage to use the same wrapping paper as the North Pole, as well.

For one boy, however, he’s already skeptical at the young age of six, and he’s not afraid to let Jolly Ol’ St. Nick know about it.

Prince William Gave George’s Christmas List To Santa And There’s Only Thing On It

Prince George better have been good all year, because it looks like he has a tall order for Santa.

During a visit to a market in Helsinki, Prince William presented his son’s handwritten Christmas letter to Santa Claus.

The 36-year-old royal was visiting the Esplanade Park’s Christmas market on his second day during this tour of Finland.

Earlier in the day, William was seen admiring a pair of hobby horses, that would be ideal gifts for both George and Charlotte.

The horses were part of the Slush festival held in the Finnish capital. The royal was seen to be in good spirits as he wandered the booths of the student-driven event, testing out the latest tech on display.

In just a few years the event has become a global gathering, which supports and promotes the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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In the letter, the Duke of Cambridge’s eldest son has listed that he only wants one thing under the Christmas tree this year.

So what did Prince George ask Santa for Christmas?