7 Common Stains And How To Easily Get Them Out From What’s In Your Cupboard

Stains happen everyday and all stains come out differently. Some are okay to just throw in the washer, and when we put others in the wash, it will make the stain permanent. Here’s a list of ways to get every common stain out with products you have in your cupboard.

If the stain is on a carpet, it’s best to dab the stain to remove any wine that hasn’t been absorbed yet. You can use paper towels or a clean cloth. In a small bowl, pour two cups of warm water. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dish washing liquid.

Do the same with clothing and wash it immediately after.

Gently wipe as much of the excess chocolate as you can, making sure not to to push the stain deeper into the fibers. Next, remove as much chocolate as you can using cold running water from the back of the stain. Soak in a solution of detergent and water for at least 30 minutes before washing as usual.

There are a few ways you can remove gum from clothing.

Lemon juice: This method is extremely cheap, and causes no damage to fabric. All you have to do is soak the garment in lemon juice and scrape the gum off with a hard edge. It will come off with this method but wash the clothing soon after doing this process.

Hairspray: Apply the hairspray directly onto the chewing gum and it will harden. Then just scrape the chewing gum off.

Vinegar: Soak the garment in hot vinegar, then brush or scrape the gum off gently with a blunt tool to avoid damaging the fabric.

Mayonnaise: Pour this onto the chewing gum and rub it in slowly. The gum should then peel off smoothly.

Now for the most frustrating stain ever…

7 Ways To Remove Permanent Marker Stains From In Your Home

For any of you that have children, you understand that occasionally they can get into something that they know they absolutely should not be getting into – they simply just don’t care. One of those particular items is the permanent marker. Crayola washable markers are annoying enough to clean off of surfaces around the home, but when we get into the Sharpies, it become a whole different ordeal altogether.  


But how do you get the dreaded permanent marker ink off of the different surfaces inside your home? It turns out that there is a different strategy for each type of material that has been defaced.

Here are seven do-it-yourself home strategies for dealing with permanent marker.

Apparently, if your clothes have been scribbled on, or God forbid, a marker has broken while in one of your pockets, you can remove the stain by applying hand sanitizer to the effected area. Just pour a little bit of it on the area of ink and then scrub it off using water. Obviously you may also need to give the clothing a normal cleaning, so wash the piece of clothing individually to make sure you don’t spread the ink to other items.


It is more than just a cliche, kids love to scribble on walls with anything that they can get their grubby little hands on. It’s the bane of many parent’s existence, and it is also unavoidable no matter how many precautions they take. If you come across a scrawl of permanent marker on your beautifully painted walls, spray it down with some hairspray and then wipe it away.

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It doesn’t matter what the particular object is, the floor, a chair, other pieces of furniture, if permanent marker gets on there, parents are faced with the task of trying to get it clean. But how? Well, you can use something that the majority of us have sitting in our first-aid kit, rubbing alcohol. Pour some on a rag and start scrubbing, the ink should start coming off immediately.


Carpet is expensive to have professionally cleaned, and even more expensive to have replaced. What do you do when one of your kids does a number on your carpeting with permanent marker? White vinegar is able to get the job done. Obviously do a spot test to make sure the vinegar wont actually damage the color of your carpet further before tackling the bigger mess.

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7 Efficient Household Hacks Using Items You Already Own

We all want to be living our most effective lives, putting ourselves dutifully into every task without hesitation or tiring out. But let’s face it, no one can act so robotically all the time.

Luckily, you can put the things around you to use in a way to make your daily routine easy and efficient!

Don’t go out and spend your money! Save time and energy with these awesome life hacks!

Got a tough stain that you can’t get rid of? Before you throw out as ruined, try spraying hairspray on the item! Watch as it fizzes up and begins to dissolve the stain.

Make sure you dab it with a damp towel after, and if the stain is particularly bad, throw it in the washing machine right after to finish it off.

Next time you pour yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade, add a little to your flowers on the windowsill! The citrus juice has antibacterial qualities that protect the flowers, and the high sugar content actually feeds them and makes them look fresh and happy!

Want to get rid of the ashy smell that cigarettes leave behind? Add two tablespoons of malt vinegar from the pantry to a small bowl and leave in the room overnight.

Don’t you hate having to wipe your mirror after a shower to see yourself before getting ready? Tired of needing to clean up all those streaks? The answer is simple!

Just wipe the surface with a bit of shaving foam before hand and you’ll enjoy a clean, clear reflection even after a steamy shower!

Want more tips? These next three hacks are all about clothing!

How To Get Those Impossible Chocolate Stains Out Of Anything

Having kids means having to put up with a lot of things. It could be the constant pouting, their need to wander off, but most of all, the mess.

Children are geniuses in coming up with new ways to make everything dirty, with everything from dirt to crayons. But something you don’t have to put up with any longer is stains from their favorite treat, chocolate.

Chocolate is the worst to deal with. It melts, gets all sticky, and leaves a trace that up until now you thought would stay forever. But before you throw away those fabrics, give these products a try and you’ll be amazed at how different those “ruined” articles look!

This is going to be the most common one to deal with. It seems like kids actually want to smear the chocolate all over their clothes, especially if they have just come out of the wash!

Before you do anything, scrape off as much chocolate as you can from the stain. Next, instead of using some expensive stain remover, pretreat the piece of clothing with Shout Advanced Gel, then stick it in the washing machine. If still present, lather, rinse, repeat.

You can get it here, on Amazon.

But what about everything else?