10 NCAA Colleges That Put The Animal In Animal House

American universities are known for the pride each student has towards their school or Alma mater. This pride goes deeper than the degree you receive upon graduation, it translates directly onto the field of play. Sports teams, and just as importantly, their accompanying mascots are as important to the culture and pride on campus as the academics.

Here are ten mascots that represent their school’s pride to the fullest, and those that illicit the strongest reactions from the home crowds.

Handsome Dan is the adorable English bulldog that represents the Ivy League school. The name and title as mascot is transferred from dog to dog as the predecessor either retires or passes away.


Colorado State is currently being served by the 25th coming of Cam The Ram. He was named by an alumnus of Colorado State who won a contest in 1946.

Aurora Sentinel

Lady is a black bear who represents the University of Baylor, in Texas. Lady was named after the former President of Baylor, Dr. Robert B. Sloan Jr’s wife. Mrs. Sloan was often referred to as, the “First Lady” of Baylor.

Baylor University
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