11 Of The Wildest ‘Judge Judy’ Cases That Prove Judge Judy Is A Saint

Judge Judy is the basic cable hero we all love, but sometimes it’s hard to fathom how she hasn’t completely snapped at some of the people in her court room.

This is a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. The plaintiff was suing the defendant, claiming he stole her wallet. As she told Judge Judy about the contents of her wallet that went missing, the defendant interrupted to say one of the items listed wasn’t actually in the wallet. OOPS.

Finding a place to live that doesn’t break the bank can be hard. When Miss Millie rented a room from Mr. Smith, she was excited to finally have a place to relax. Miss Millie was laying half-naked on her couch, reading a book and drinking coffee, when she heard what she thought was Mr. Smith’s movie blaring with sirens. As it turns out, it was the real police and she was really arrested (though we’re not sure why.) Miss Millie successfully sued Mr. Smith for $500, the amount of her bail.

Miss Anthony sued the employee who pierced her son’s nose, claiming it was done without her permission. She wanted a $5,000 settlement, but Judge Judy really couldn’t figure out why. Though the judge did agree that the employee should have gotten permission, there was no injury, infection, or damage of any kind, so $5,000 was excessive. It became clear that she just wanted the most money possible, so Judge Judy awarded her $250 in damages and sent Miss Anthony on her way.

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