12 Simple But Stunning Pine Cone Crafts To Beautify Your Home

As the seasons change, we’re always looking for new ways to decorate our homes. Sure, you could head to a department store and spend a lot of money on pre-made things, but there’s something so special about homemade crafts and projects!

These pine cone crafts are a simple, yet elegant, way to decorate your home and release your inner DIY king or queen!

This craft is perfect for either indoors or outdoors, and you can personalize both the size and color!

Rhonda Greene shows you how to make cute pine cone flowers, which you can give as a bouquet or use around the house! These also make a cute gift from a child to Mom on Mother’s Day.

A classic for both fall and winter, a pine cone wreath is the perfect addition to your front door. This is another craft that you can customize size, color, and arrangement to make it fit into your style preferences!

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