20 Outrageous Demands Celebrities Have In Their Contracts

Being a star means you get exactly what you want, but while most of us would be happy with a nice dressing room and some snacks, actual celebs get very demanding.

Here are 20 of the weirdest requirements they’ve put in their contracts:

Right now the Disney star and pop singer is recovering from her recent kidney transplant, but when she was filming an Adidas commercial in 2014 she made an unusual request. Gomez had just split from longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber, and requested that no one on set even mention the name “Justin.” Reportedly, Justins on the crew had to change their names until the shoot was finished.

These ’80s rockers set the high bar for weird contract demands when they famously specified that their dressing room needed “M&M’s (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES).” It turns out the candy demands were a way to protect the band’s safety.

Lead singer David Lee Roth explained that there was a lot of huge, dangerous and highly technical equipment involved in their shows. If a venue was set up incorrectly it could put the band in danger. The hidden rider about M&Ms in the contract gave the band an excuse to walk away from a dangerous situation, no questions asked.

For his comedy tour promoting the movie Semi-Pro, this SNL star unleashed his inner diva with some special requests. He asked for a three-wheeled electric scooter, a “Janet Jackson-style” headset microphone, a “rainbow on wheels,” a set of rolling stairs and an artificial tree at each venue.

Along with some hard and fast rules about flowers for her dressing room (“ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS”) the pop star has a few special directions for her limo drivers.

“1. Driver must stay behind steering wheel at all times. 2. The Driver will not start a conversation with the Client. 3. The Driver will not talk to the Clients, Guest or Fans. 4. The Driver will never assume. Always ask if in doubt.” Also: “do not stare at the backseat through rear-view mirror.”

The iconic actor had two requests when he shot The Outlaw Josey Wales: that his girlfriend Sondra Locke would get a part in the film, and that Eastwood himself would replace Phillip Kaufman, the director and Locke’s other romantic interest. The kerfuffle over the swap introduced the “Eastwood Rule” used by film studios today: a director will never be replaced by the movie’s star or producer.

Apparently our favorite Family Feud host can be very demanding…

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