25 Years Later, Murdered Girl Gets Justice

In 1992, Lisa Marie Ziegert was murdered. In 2017, an arrest was made.

Lisa Ziegert was a 24-year-old teacher’s aide, who also worked at a local gift shop in Agawan. She was working the closing shift at the shop one day and showed up for work at 4pm. Ziegert was at the store by herself and was scheduled to close up at 9pm. The next morning, the store owners showed up to find the lights on, doors unlocked, and Ziegert’s car still in the parking lot. Her keys, wallet, and coat were all still inside.

Witnesses say they last saw the young woman at 7:30 p.m. inside the store. Things became more suspicious when Ziegert didn’t show up for her job as a teacher’s aide the next morning.

“We’re treating it as a missing person,” Agawam police Lt. Robert Campbell said. “Anything is possible at this point, and I’m not going to speculate.”

Brittany’s Card and Gift Shoppe, where Lisa Ziegert disappeared from.Mass Live

During a police investigation the day after her disappearance, blood was discovered in the storage room at the shop. State police and the FBI were called in to help investigate the case, both on foot and in helicopters. Joseph O’Neill, who owned the shop where Ziegert worked, says the police seized two doors from the store, as well as a display case.

“Lisa was very trusting,” O’Neill told the media. “Whoever it was, it was obviously someone she was not intimidated by.”

As time time passed, police acknowledged there may have to rethink their classification.

“The possibilities of it being a walk-away seem kind of slim as time goes on,” Lt. Campbell said. “As of this morning we have classified this as a kidnapping. We have ruled out a number of possibilities, and we feel she did not leave on her own.”

The search continued for Ziegert with the hopes of finding her alive, but unfortunately that would not happen.

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