6 Deodorant Mistakes We Make Everyday And How To Use It Right

Americans spend about 18 billion dollars a year on deodorant and antiperspirant. It’s a huge industry that every person buys into, or hopefully does. I have a stick of deodorant on me at all times and without it, I feel disgusting and sticky, and no one wants that. With deodorant being one of our most used products, it helps if we know how to use it properly. As straight forward as the process is, there are a few deodorant mistakes we all do everyday, here’s what they are and how to correct them.

Deodorant is used for masking the smell of body odor. Antiperspirant actually stops you from sweating. Deodorant is considered a cosmetic product, and antiperspirant is actually a drug, because it actually temporarily changes the function of the skin, suppressing the flow of sweat.

Depending on your needs, either product could be best for you.

Putting deodorant right after shaving might sting and irritate your skin, because skin is often irritated and more sensitive right after shaving. You don’t have to wait hours or anything, just don’t put it on right after you finish shaving.

I think sometimes we feel that if we put on a pile of deodorant, it will give us extra protection, this isn’t true.

It won’t hurt you, but you are wasting your product. Using just one or two swipes will work the same as five or six, while also saving your money.

You can put deodorant on more places than just under your armpits. You can put it basically anywhere that sweats a lot. You can even put it between your thighs to keep them from chaffing. It actually works really well for this purpose.  

You can also put it on your heels to prevent blisters, the bottom of your feet to prevent bad smells, behind your knees, and on your hands.

See how you can build up a tolerance to your antiperspirant..

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