7 Things You Are Washing Way Too Much

Although it is good to get into a regular and frequent cleaning routine, we shouldn’t be over-doing it. There are some things around the house that we need to hold off cleaning too frequently.

Take the time for yourself rather than cleaning an unnecessary amount. Here are seven things that you’re cleaning way too often.

1. Your dog.

You’re probably washing your dog way too often. To avoid skin irritation, you should be washing you dog ever two to four months, if they get smelly in between washes, you can rinse them to remove dirt. If you feel bad waiting that long in between washes, don’t! Your dogs skin is not like yours, and might get irritated by too many washes, and if it was up to them, you would never wash them.

2. Your comforter.

There is a lot of speculation around how often you should wash your bedding. Although you should wash your sheets and pillow cases about once a week, your comforter does not need to be washed this often. You can wash your comforter every couple months, since it doesn’t come in contact with your skin as much as the rest of your bedding.

3. Your hair.

You have probably heard by now that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday. This is because your hair needs oils in it to be healthy. Although it varies for everyone for how long they can go, no one should wash their hair everyday, it dries it out.

4. Jackets.

Unless your jacket has visible dirt on it or smells bad, you can wash it just every three months. It only needs to be washed every so often because it doesn’t come into contact with your body oils like your other clothes do.

I am guilty of this next one..

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