70-Year-Old Veteran Walks Miles To See His Wife Everyday

A 70-year-old man has been walking miles to visit his wife, in an act of true devotion and lasting love. Weaver, Alabama police officer, Lt. Charles Pitt noticed the old man on the side of the street as he drove home after purchasing a new lawn mower.

According to him, the old man was dressed nicely, “but walking very slowly and appeared exhausted.” When the man saw him he went over to the police car and told him he was too tired and could not walk anymore.

After talking to him, Lt. Pitt discovered that the man, whose name is James Wright was ill and as result, was having trouble walking far distances. So he decided to give him a ride to his destination. It turned out that James had been making the almost daily trek to see his wife.

As she had dementia, she was living in a nursing home in order to receive the care she needed. When Lt. Pitt picked him up, he had been trying to walk multiple miles and was especially desperate because he had not seen her in a week since he’d suffered a stroke.

James also mentioned that he was a veteran who had served in the US Army for 22 years before retiring. He had fought in the Vietnam war, among others, and through tears, told of how none of his friends had made it back, except him.

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