8 Hacks Guaranteed To Make Any Baby Stop Crying

Most people react with panic when babies start to cry. And we can’t blame that. After all, babies can’t talk so it’s often impossible to figure out what they want. And as we know, they will sometimes cry for no reason at all. If you have a fussy baby, first check if they are hungry or have a soiled diaper. If it’s neither of these, try anyone of these hacks to stop their tears. You’ll thank us later.

1. Om Chant

Motivational speaker Daniel Eisenman discovered this technique when he was trying to put his newborn daughter to sleep. Chanting, “Om” in a low, steady voice, he was able to calm his baby down in seconds and soon after, she was fast asleep.

The sound “Om” is comforting to babies because it resembles the loud, steady noise they heard while in the womb. This is not a no-fail technique. Although it worked for many parents, some were forced to find another way to quieten their bundles of joy.

2. Calm them down with running water

The next time you have a crying baby, simply rock them near the sound of a running tap. It has been proven to put them to sleep, sometimes in a matter of seconds.

Parents speculate that running water works because, like the Om chant, it reminds babies of their time in the womb. The sound of the water may remind them of the bodily functions they got used to hearing, like fluid gurgling through their mother’s body.

3. Mummy’s Old Shirt

Are you babysitting a crying baby who just wants their parents? A desperate father recently noticed that his son stopped crying whenever he gave him his mother’s old shirt to cuddle.

According to a sensory psychologist, the mother’s scent is “soothing because the emotions associated to Mama become attached to her scent such that her scent acts as an emotional proxy for Mama herself.”

Basically, the strong scent of a mother’s clothing tricks the baby into thinking their mummy is around and gets them to calm down for a while.

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