8 Things You Should Be Keeping In Your Fridge That Definitely Aren’t Food

Refrigerators are meant to store food and keep it fresh longer, but there are other things that would benefit to be in low-temperatures.

Here are eight unlikely items you should always keep in your fridge that are not food.

I love receiving flowers, but it’s upsetting that they don’t last for very long. Every good florist knows that cut flowers stay fresh longer when kept in the fridge overnight, but that’s something most of them don’t tell you. So before you go to bed, put the vase with your flowers in the fridge to make them last longer, then take it out in the morning. You don’t look at the flowers at night anyway!

Frozen foundation is the last thing you need when you desperately need to cover the imperfections on your face, but at least it will save you money from having to buy another foundation once yours goes bad. The trick here is to put your foundation in the fridge for only a short amount of time. Once you remove it from your fridge, wait at least an hour before you apply it onto your face.  

Store your candles in a sealed bag and put them in a refrigerator. This will make them burn slower and last longer. If you’re worried about your candles cracking, leave them out for a bit before you burn the wick.

Instead of overwashing your expensive denim, put them in the freezer when they start to get a little smelly. The bacteria will be killed off once the denim starts to freeze. Don’t worry, no harm will be done to your jeans. This also works for shoes and clothes with sticky stains. You can easily peel whatever is stuck on your clothes once it’s been frozen.

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