8 Ways Being Married Can Affect Your Long-Term Health

Sometimes we might think that marriage is going to make us die younger, but it’s actually the opposite, a number of studies show. Of course it matters who you’re married to, but any healthy marriage has a long list of health benefits and after reading them, you’ll want to go and kiss your spouse for how healthy they are making you.

People that are married have an all around healthier heart. Many studies have shown that by being married you will have lower blood pressure.

Also if by chance you do have a heart attack or stroke, there will be someone there to call an ambulance for you. And you will have a healthier recovery after you get home, because there will be someone looking after you with your best interests.  

Being married can alter your hormones in a way which affects stress. Men’s testosterone levels were found to drop, making them less headstrong, and cortisol levels dropped in both sexes. Cortisol is a hormones that is a health enemy. It increases stress, makes you gain weight and raises blood pressure. When your cortisol levels are lowered all of these risks are lowered.

Most people won’t believe this one because it is usually thought that if you’re married, your sex life will probably suck, but this isn’t true.

The National Health and Social Life Survey found that 51% of married couples reported they were “extremely satisfied” with their sex life, compared to 39% of people who were cohabiting and 36% of singles.

This is usually more true for women, but many people have stated that sleeping with their spouse makes them sleep better. Marriage can be good for your sleep if it’s a happy one but, being in an unhappy marriage can be a risk factor for sleep disturbance. If you’re not sleeping, you’re more irritable, have lower frustration and tolerance levels, so it’s possible that it could affect the marriage.

Like mentioned in number 1, there is a much higher recovery rate after getting out of the hospital or even a major surgery, for those who are married. Having someone to support you and care for you when you are recovering makes the process that much easier.

A researcher from University of Rochester found that happily married patients who undergo major surgery are more than three times as likely to still be alive 15 years later when compared to people who are not married.

This next one makes me feel a lot better!

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