9 Common Tombstone Symbols And What They Actually Mean

People put a lot of thought into what goes onto the tombstone of a departed loved one. Often times they try and pick a symbol that represents the person who is being laid to rest. But as with many symbols, meanings and origins have been misconstrued over time. Here are some traditional symbols for tombstones and their meanings.

Alpha and omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, representing the beginning and end of things, all things come to pass etc. It is also symbolic of God as the beginning and end of all things.


Much like scales have been adapted into a symbol of justice within the courtroom, they symbolize much the same on the tombstones of those departed. Originally a Chaldean mystic symbol for justice, it has been used on tombstones for ages as a symbol of guilt and punishment.


An iconic symbol of time, the hourglass has long been a symbol carved into tombstones representing that time has stopped for the person buried beneath it.

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