A Woman Is Suing Sephora For Giving Her Herpes

A woman is suing Sephora for emotional distress following a herpes diagnosis.

She claims she sampled a tester lipstick at the high-end cosmetics store in October 2015, resulting in the arrival of herpes on her lips. The woman says she was diagnosed with the life-long disease by medical professionals.

She says she never had herpes or cold sores prior to her Sephora visit.

According to the documents reported by TMZ, Sephora “failed to clearly warn the woman and other customers of the risk of getting herpes or other diseases from trying on the lipstick samples.”

The woman says if she had known about the possibility of obtaining an infection from the makeup, she would’ve avoided the tester products at all costs.

The woman claims other lipstick companies have proven methods to prevent any exposure to viral diseases.

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