After Her Brother Was Jailed For Murder, She Spent Almost 20 Years Trying To Set Him Free

In 1980, the quiet town of Ayer, Massachusetts was rocked by an unsolved murder.

A woman named Katharina Brow was found robbed and murdered in her home, and police guessed the culprit worked at a nearby diner. Their prime suspect was Kenneth Waters, who worked as a cook at the diner and lived next door to Brow.

Waters was interrogated by police, but they had to release him because he had a strong alibi. There was some physical evidence at the scene of the crime, so the police should have been able to track down the real killer, but years later the murderer was still at large.

That’s when new witnesses stepped forward, offering information to the police in exchange for a cash reward. The new testimony pinned the crime on Waters, and he was convicted of robbery and murder in 1983.

Life in prison was difficult for Waters, and he tried to commit suicide. While he was recovering, his sister Betty Anne visited him and asked him not to harm himself again. He promised to stay strong, but asked Betty Anne to do something in return.

He wanted her to go back to school, become a lawyer and help get him out of jail…

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