AITA for being mad my girlfriend took my keys?

My lovely girlfriend and I have been together for 8 months. She slept over at my place last night, and in the morning she woke me up saying she had went out and brought back a couple of lattes and pastries from a coffee shop around the corner from my apartment for breakfast.

My issue with this is that my apartment has a two factor entry, first my student ID to scan in and then my key to get back into the apartment (it auto locks).

I asked her how she was able to get back into the apartment and she said that she grabbed my keychain (which has my ID on it in a wallet type thing) before heading out to buy us breakfast so she would be able to get back in. I told her that I didn’t appreciate her violating my privacy like that, and she got upset, saying that she was just trying to do something nice for me. We started to fight about it and I ended up asking her to leave.

Since then, she hasn’t answered any of my texts or calls. When I told my roommate about this he said that I was the asshole because she did something thoughtful for me and I yelled at her about it. I think she was violating my privacy by stealing my keys. AITA?

Edit: I thought it was weird that she took my keys without asking, they could have gotten stolen or something while she was out, I get that she was being nice but why couldn’t she have asked??

Edit 2: and no she still hasn’t responded to me

Edit: I’m at work now obsessing but I know that I screwed up. I had a bad experience with privacy in my last relationship and i guess I’m projecting or something. And no, my girlfriend hasn’t responded to any of my voicemails or texts besides sending back money I tried to send her for the breakfast last night but she might not be awake yet, it’s early in my time zone

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