Almost A Year After His Death, The Baby That George Michael Paid For Has Arrived

Lynette Gillard, a 38-year-old fitness instructor, had her fifteen minutes of fame when she appeared on an episode of Deal or No Deal in 2008, and it paid off in the best way she could ever imagine.

At the time, Lynette spent years struggling to conceive and coughed up around $60,000 on nine rounds of IVF, all of which failed. When she and her partner started to run low on cash, Lynette decided to go on the show to win some money for another round of IVF. She took home about $4,000, but unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly enough to cover the cost of the treatment.

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That’s when the late singer George Michael stepped in.

The Wham! star got in touch with the show’s producers and donated the money Lynette needed (about $12,000), but he asked the show runners to keep his identity a secret.

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“I have had so many failed rounds of IVF. It is an emotional roller coaster, getting your hopes up each time. When it didn’t work I was getting so upset and I knew something was wrong,” Lynette told The Sun.

“I was told I needed special blood tests to check my immune system to find out why it kept failing but I never would have been able to afford them without George,” she continued. “Now thanks to him I have these tests and next time the doctors are going to put me on steroids when the embryo is implanted. He’s given us hope.

Almost a year after the ‘Careless Whisper’ singer died on December 25, 2016, Lynette and her partner, Nathan, are proud parents of a baby boy.

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