Bill Paxton’s Family Take His Doctor To Court Over The Actor’s Sudden Death

The family of the late Hollywood actor Bill Paxton is taking his doctor and hospital to court.

Paxton’s widow and children blame them for causing the star’s death last year at the early age of 61, and have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

The world was stunned by news of Paxton’s death last February, when the actor was still appearing on the CBS series Training Day.

The star of hit films like Apollo 13, Titanic, Aliens, and HBO’s series Big Love suffered a stroke just 11 days after undergoing open heart surgery.

Paxton in ‘Titanic.’Paramount

Now, Paxton’s family say his surgeron, Dr. Ali Khoynezhad, is to blame.

The news came on the anniversary of Paxton’s death, when his family accused the actor’s doctor of “misrepresenting and/or concealing information relating to the risks of surgery.”

In a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Khoynezhad and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, they make the case that Paxton’s death was “tragic and preventable.”

And the details of their case are so sad.

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