Bodybuilder Dad Bursts Into Tears When He Realizes What His Family Got Him

Technology is so advanced nowadays that it sometimes seems like pure magic.

We’ve shared stories about the incredible Enchroma glasses before, but they always manage to impress us. The glasses are specially designed to correct color blindness. Putting them on is like the classic scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s drab Kansas suddenly turns into the colorful Oz.

This “before and after” represents the change that Enchroma glasses make for a color blind person.

For patients who have spent their entire lives only seeing a handful of the world’s beautiful colors, putting on the glasses can be life-changing, and there’s no shortage of heartwarming videos featuring the sweet reactions of new Enchroma owners. Seriously, try not to cry when you watch this video:

[embedded content]

While Enchroma is revolutionary, it can also be too expensive for some patients. The most basic model of Enchroma sunglasses will cost you at least $300, but it’s worth the price if these glasses will change someone’s life.

That’s exactly what they did for William Reed, and his sweet reaction is going viral.

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