Couple’s Tiny Home Is Less Than 400 Sq Feet, But We’re Totally Jealous

I know it seems like every beautiful tiny home we discover is more impressive than the last one, but this pint-sized beach house really takes the cake.

Its owner, Whitney Leigh Morris, actually had no plans to downsize her life when she first saw the listing for this unique little cottage. It was built in 1924, and when Whitney was searching the market the “tiny home” craze hadn’t even begun, but something about the property spoke to her.

Shockingly, it was a Craigslist find. The home had all the features a young couple expecting their first child could want: it had a backyard, a kitchen, and hardwood floors. Plus, it’s just a short walk from the beach. “The minute we stepped into this house, we knew that our search was over and that it was the right place for us,” Whitney told Babble. The only downside for the pair was fitting their lives into a snug 362 square feet.

That took some creativity and organizing skills, like converting a linen closet into their newborn son West’s nursery. Whitney also made the most of her cozy cottage by stacking storage space vertically, and by adding sliding drawers under her bed.

West’s nursery.

The master bed’s headboard is built into the window.

Whitney shares her lessons with other amateur designers on the Tiny Canal Cottage blog, where her motto is “you don’t have to ‘live large’ to live beautifully.” And these photos from the rest of her tiny home prove she’s right!

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