Dad Pens Emotional Letter To Parents Of Other Kids – “Please Educate Your Children”

Have you ever heard of Treacher Collins? It’s a disorder which affects the bone structure of the face. Typically, the eyes, ears, cheekbones, and jawbone are all deformed. It can also affect growth and development of the head, and can cause hearing loss. Depending on the severity, most people with Treacher Collins can live a long, healthy life with normal intelligence.

Jono Lancaster, born with Treacher Collins, now travels the world to help other families who have children diagnosed with Treacher Collins.Adelaide Advertiser

For Dan Bezzant of Idaho, he knows Treacher Collins all too well. His son, Jackson, lives with the condition.

Dan Bezzant and his son, Jackson.Honey

Bezzant posted an extremely powerful message on Facebook which highlighted Jackson’s struggles with Treacher Collins at school, and he’s been met with an overwhelming response.

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