Dog Stashes Money Now So She Can Pay For Treats Later

The most common dog tricks are pretty straightforward: sit, roll over, lay down, shake, play dead. But some dogs can get a little more creative, like dancing or fetching slippers.

However, Holly the black Lab has learned something most other dogs never will: the value of a dollar.

“Her obsession with money started when she was just a pup. She would steal money out of our bags and run around the house with it. We didn’t want her to eat the money so we traded money, for cookies,” Casi Cook, Holly’s mom says.

Well of course, Holly quickly learned that cash means cookies, and it became a daily transaction.

“She is now a money fiend and thief. If she steals a dollar from us, and she knows she does, she will hide the money by putting one of her toys in front of it. There are dollars all over the house! In the kitchen, the living room, on the stairs, in the hallway, in my bed. Everywhere you turn there is a dollar there,” Holly’s owner says.

Not only does Holly have a great business sense, she also has a strategy behind her begging.

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