Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Jimmy Kimmel With Most Thoughtful Gift To His Son

Without question, Ellen DeGeneres has always been my favorite daytime talk show host.

Along with being a hilarious comedian that brings humor to every one of her segments, she also has a heart of gold. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she’s constantly seen giving away thousands of dollars to her deserving fans.

But her good deeds don’t just stop with us common folk, as she also gives meaningful gifts to her close friends, with the most recent one being none other than Jimmy Kimmel.

While we often assume celebrities don’t need gifts since they have the funds to buy whatever they want, some presents are so meaningful, the number on the price tag doesn’t even matter.

As seen on his talk show, it doesn’t take a lot to make Kimmel cry, but during his interview with DeGeneres, he couldn’t help but wipe away a few tears when he discovered what she did for him.

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