Escaped Parrots Are Freaking Out Tourists Thanks To Their Special Skills

People who own parrots know that they are incredibly intelligent and unique animals. Well, apparently the parrots seem to know that too, because they are trying to spread their wings and help influence other birds.

Parrots who live in captivity often pick up on the language that their owners speak. They will learn phrases and words that are said around them because they have a natural ability to mimic sounds.

Whether people are teaching their birds to say “hello” on purpose, or if they are just mimicking words they hear often, they have and incredible memory and will retain this knowledge for years.

Parrots can live a very long time. The Macaw can live up to 50 years, where a Kakapo can live for 95. In their long lives, some of them end up getting lost from their families and migrating back into the wild.

When they make it back into the wilderness, they seem to be having some interesting effects on the environment.

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