Gordon Ramsay Just Shared His Go-To American Breakfast Recipe And We Want It Now

The French have croissants and Italians have cafe lattes, but nothing beats a classic American diner-style breakfast consisting of eggs, potato hash, greasy bacon and a side of beans.

Finest America

Even renowned chef Gordon Ramsay agrees.

“The best breakfasts in the world are always in America,” said Ramsay.

The Michelin star celebrity chef has already proven that he takes his breakfast seriously when he shared his scrambled eggs recipe, but now he has reveled his go-to all-American breakfast recipe and we wouldn’t hesitate to try it.

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While it may not be exactly like how your grandma or the cook at your favorite diner makes it, I think once you watch him prepare it, you’ll want to eat it too. Let’s just say it uses plenty of bacon and potatoes.

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