He Walked 6 Miles to Work Every Day, Until One Customer Changed His Life

What goes around, comes around. That’s what everyone says, right? I think a lot of people expect karma to be instantaneous. “I held the door open for you, so now I’ll be getting a bonus at work.”

Oddly enough, that’s not how it works.

If you want to know all about karma, just ask John Joyce, the 83-year-old who has been mowing Robert Norton’s lawn for eight years.

“I asked him how much he would charge and when I came home my yard was cut. He only asks for $20 and he’s so loyal,” Norton says. The only time we don’t see him is if he’s sick.”

Joyce has a personal relationship with each of his customers, who even loaned one of them $300 so their power wouldn’t get turned off. Even though Joyce hasn’t been paid back yet, he knows that helping people isn’t about what you get back.

Joyce was driving a 1994 Ford truck for years, but the transmission gave out and he couldn’t afford to fix it.

“We’ve put so much money in it over the years and we finally had to junk it,” his daughter, Kelly Wiggan, said.

Instead of giving up his lawn-mowing gig, Joyce did the only thing he could think of: walk there. Every day, he would walk six miles to his customers, pushing the lawnmower the whole way while also carrying the leaf blower.  

“It’s not hard,” he says. “It’s just a little uncomfortable. I needed the money.”

“His knees swell up pretty bad if he walks too much,” Wiggans clarifies. “My dad’s a really good guy, he’s old school, a good, kindhearted man and has a really close relationship with his customers.”

When Robert Norton and his wife, Nikki, heard about Joyce’s truck, they stepped up to do something incredible for him.

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