Hikers Launched A Rescue For A Dog They Weren’t Even Sure Existed

Losing your dog is a horrible experience. Having to come home without them is truly heartbreaking, and knowing that they are lost in the wilderness is incredibly stressful. For this man, he had six long weeks to wait before a miraculous discovery finally brought his best friend home.


This was no simple task, Larry Osborne’s dog, Chloe, went missing in the small mountainside town of Alma. “I was not optimistic at all,” Osborne said.

Chloe had run off during their walk, and even after searching for weeks there was no sign of her.

“After about the fourth week (of searching for Chloe), we started taking the posters down,” Osborne said.

Even though he felt like there was no hope, Chloe never gave up. Five weeks after she first went missing, a hiker heard a faint bark while hiking along the mountainside. They were 14,000 feet up, but that was enough to make some people notice.


Trinity Smith said that “I had no sleep the past two nights, because all I could think about was a poor dog stuck in harsh conditions, at 14,00 feet.” Other hikers tried to convince her that it was probably a coyote, but she decided to investigate anyways.

She couldn’t sleep until she knew what happened to that dog, so with the help of her friend they began their search…

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