If You Can Solve This Ancient Brain Teaser In Under A Minute, Consider Yourself A Genius

Sometimes, we come across a puzzle so creative we just have to share it with you.

It turns out this one has been confounding clever minds since the 9th century, so if you can solve it in under a minute, consider us impressed.

“Once upon a time, a boy was walking along a river and saw a man in distress.

He asked the man what was wrong, and learned he was caught in an impossible problem.

The man had gone to the market that day and bought three things: a cabbage, a goat, and a wolf.

An illustration of the problem.Wikimedia

To get home, he had to cross a small river on a boat. But his boat was so small, it could only hold him and one of his purchases.

‘Why not take them across the river one-by-one?’ the boy asked.

The man revealed two more problems:

  • If the goat is left alone with the cabbage, it will eat it.
  • If the wolf is left alone with the goat, it will eat it.

The man was in tears, worrying he would never cross the river with all three of his purchases.

The young boy sat beside the man and thought quietly.

Eureka!’ he shouted at once, ‘I know the answer!'”

Did you solve the puzzle? Check your answer on the next page!

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