Joy-Anna Duggars Gives Birth, Reveals Baby’s Name

Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth in May 2017, just four months after they announced their engagement. While the timing may not seem too suspect, people began to speculate. The original date of the wedding was October 28th, so why feel the need to move it up? Just three months after her wedding, Joy-Anna announced she and Austin were expecting their first child. People were thrilled, but the picture she posted did not quell any rumors at all.

Joy-Anna’s bump was pretty large, and fans began to wonder if the young couple perhaps conceived before their wedding.

“I did the math and they have been married 15 weeks,” one fan wrote. “If she is not carrying twins then I would say it’s a safe bet that baby Forsyth was conceived out of wedlock.”

Then, another photo of Joy-Anna surfaced when she was believed to be five months (20 weeks) pregnant.

Dr. Sean Henry, a gynecologist, said something doesn’t add up with the picture.

“She looks around 24 weeks pregnant,” he said. People were quick to discount his opinion, as he’s not Joy-Anna’s actual doctor.

The pictures kept coming, as did the speculation. One of the final pictures of Joy-Anna before she gave birth came in November when she was believed to be six months pregnant.

“If she got pregnant on her wedding night she would be 25 weeks pregnant,” one user noted. “That does not look like a woman 25 weeks pregnant with her first child. I would wager we’re going to hear about a premature baby who is miraculously 8+ lbs at birth.”

All the speculation can stop, however, as Joy-Anna has finally given birth to her first child with Austin Forsyth.

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