Man Builds Model Train Show In His Basement For His Bedridden Father

A New Jersey man has built a special model train set in the basement of his home to bring joy to his bedridden father.

After Ronald Anthony Ward became too ill to accompany his son to their beloved model train shows, Ronnie Ward decided to bring the model trains to him.

The father-son duo have shared a passion for the hobby since Ronald gave Ronnie his first train set to his pure glee at the age of five.

According to the, Ronnie often recalls the pair’s tradition of making model trains sets together, and visiting shows across the country. With Ronnie’s memory still vivid of the train sets they shared, he decided to recreate a similar set for his father five months ago.

The 10-by-13 sized board contains nine trains running along more than 112 feet of track. It’s divided in two levels, called the “Disney Plateau” and the “Coca Cola Valley.” It also houses several important landmarks, such as the Dumbo tower and the Ward family home. Most importantly, it features the first train set his father ever gave him.

“I started with one 8-by-4 board, which is the board that he got me and built me,” Ronnie said. “I started with one circle one day. A couple of days later I did another circle. Then my uncle came by and brought another board by. Now I have to put more up.”

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