Marathon Mom Has The Perfect Response After She Was Shamed For Parking Her Car

One of the first lessons we’re taught growing up, is not to judge a book by its cover. While it may be human nature to be critical of one another, we can often find people staring or judging before they know the full story.

This mom’s keen eye caught a man taking a picture of her van while she was parked at her local Target store.

Alethea Mshar is an athletic mom. Her car is proof of that with stickers pasting her accomplishments, including a recent half marathon and a 25K, covering the backside of her van. These aren’t the only signs decorating her windows, however, she also has a handicapped sign hanging from her rear-view mirror. This clearly resonated with a passerby who stopped to capture the ironic nature of what he was seeing.

In response to the man’s actions, Mshar wrote an open letter to help shed some light on some things someone may not consider when looking at the situation at face value.

She starts off my admitting what the stranger probably saw before she got back to her car.

“Yes, my van has running stickers on it, and yes, it’s an ironic picture, seeing my 13.1 and 25k stickers on a vehicle in a disabled spot, I get why you took the picture. The playful side of me actually hopes you and your friends got a few laughs out of the picture,” she starts.

And that’s when the truth of the matter hits home.

“But I hope you noticed my child when we exited the store. He was sitting in the cart even though he’s far too big. That’s because my child is the person the placard is for.  My guess is that the possibility hadn’t even occurred to you.  And that’s why I’m writing this,” she writes.

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