Mother Turns Her Placenta Into Chocolate Truffles, Broadcasts Her Baking On Snapchat

A Georgia mother has caused quite the stir after she recorded herself turning her placenta into chocolate truffles.

Earlier this month, 23-year-old beautician Kiley Whitworth and her partner, Nick, welcomed their son, Samuel, into the world and decided to turn his placenta into a decadent chocolate desert. With the help of a specialist, Whitworth made chocolate truffles out of the placenta and filmed the experience on Snapchat.

“After I gave birth to my newborn, Samuel, at an all-natural midwife centre, I saw a card for a placenta encapsulation and decided why not?” Whitworth said. “I was hesitant because I know it’s gross, but after researching all the health benefits I decided it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“Your baby lives off that. That’s how they get all their nutrients from you, so when you give birth and get rid of it, you’re losing all those nutrients,” she added.

According to Whitworth, eating placenta after giving birth improves a new mother’s postnatal health, which is a belief shared by a multitude of people, including some A-list celebrities. However, several studies refute these claims, and liken the practice to cannibalism.

The process requires the organ being steamed then dehydrated before it’s blended and mixed with crushed oreos. She also made placenta-filled heart-shaped chocolates, which look just as unappetizing.  

Whitworth also posted her video on Facebook, which has been viewed more than six million times and had been shared 100k times. Those who watched the graphic video were exceptionally vocal with their thoughts and opinions.

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