New Book Reveals Juicy Details About Princess Margaret’s Secret Life

When you don’t have to deal with the pressure of being next in line to the British throne, you tend to be given a pass for some of your actions. This is why Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister, Princess Margaret, had the freedom to do as she pleased without severe consequences.

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Author Craig Brown recently published a biography of the princess titled Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, and he reveals some intricate and brow-raising details of her life.

Here are 10 things about Princess Margaret that the book uncovered:

1. Her friends has a special name for her

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She may be known as Margaret to the world, but when she was among friends, she apparently preferred to be called “Ma’am Darling.” Brown also claimed that she liked to remind people of her royal status, “‘I am unique. I am the daughter of a King and the sister of a Queen,'” wrote Brown.

2. She disliked certain words

The princess liked leaving some words out of her vocabulary because they didn’t sound regal. She disliked the words “placement,” “scrambled eggs,” and “material.” Instead she referred to them as “place a table,” “buttered eggs,” and “stuff.

3. She was mischievous

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As a young girl, Margaret enjoyed messing with other people. She filled people’s shoes with acorns, and their pockets with sticky lime balls. According to Brown, in a bid to make the serious servants laugh, she would stare at them until they break.

As an adult, she would do imitations at dinner parties to entertain guests.

4. She owned a sea shell collection

The princess reportedly had a glass case in her bathroom filled with sea shells that she would “polish when she was bored.”

5. She had a feud with Elizabeth Taylor

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Princess Margaret was known for mingling with the rich and famous, but while she was at it, she wasn’t afraid to hold back on her opinions. This has led her to get on the wrong side of other famous people like actress Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy and Marlon Brando.

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