Nurses Under Investigation After Obscene Photos With Newborns Go Viral

Nurses are everyday heroes, and the nurses that look after newborn children are some of the most kindhearted of all.

But two women from Jacksonville, Florida have been fired after breaking the sacred trust between parents and hospital workers in a disturbing video and photographs. Earlier this week, a pair of hospital workers filmed themselves taunting the newborn children they should have been looking after.

A warning to parents: some of these images may be disturbing.

While the two women were originally identified as “Navy nurses,” in fact they’re not licensed nurses at all. Just Navy corpsmen working at the Jacksonville Naval Hospital. Their position is comparable to a “nurses’s assistant” at a civilian hospital.

In a photo shared on the social media app Snapchat, one of the women can be seen giving a baby the middle finger. She captioned the photo “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.” Another video shows a different woman making a baby dance to a rap song. “We’re going to hell,” the woman taping can be heard saying.

Once these images were shared online, a high school friend of one of the woman took screenshots of the footage and shared them on Facebook, hoping to have “these childish girls get reprimanded and lose their jobs.”

In fact, being fired is now the least of these women’s problems…

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