Police Shoot Hero Churchgoer Who Disarmed Man Holding 100 People Hostage

This is an unfortunate story of a good guy being targeted for no reason at all.

On Valentine’s Day, Tony Garces was attending a church service at Faith City Mission in Amarillo, Texas. It was a peaceful Wednesday morning service with familiar faces and he felt at home.

Having been released from prison after a four-year jail sentence, he had started to turn his life around and the Faith City Mission had provided him with the help he needed to do so. In the process he had began to get closer to God, which was why he was sitting in the early morning church service on a Wednesday.

Suddenly, everything went wrong.

A man entered the church while the service was ongoing and while pulling out a gun, he proceeded to hold the congregation and staff hostage.

Tony Garces and a small group of men from the congregation knew they had to move fast. They wrestled the gunman to the floor and in the scuffle, Tony managed to grab the man’s gun.

During the commotion, a church member had managed to call the police to inform them of the hostage situation. They arrived, sirens blaring, just as Tony was wrestling the gun out of the hostage-taker’s hands.

When they burst into the room, they pointed guns in the direction of the scuffle and asked Tony to put the gun down. Worried that the loaded gun might go off if he suddenly dropped it, he lowered it on to the floor slowly, showing police that he meant no harm. But it was too late.

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