Prince William Jokes About A Topic Most Are Too Afraid To Bring Up Around Him

As it turns out Prince William isn’t shy about his thinning hair.

Do you remember with Prince William had a thick blonde head of hair in his early teens, the kind you would not have expected to disappear at a blink of an eye? He has clearly been losing his hair since his mid-twenties, in spite of having plenty of coverage in his earlier years.

If you remember Prince William’s wedding in 2011, he still had a decent amount of coverage.

It was definitely starting to thin though.

His hair-loss became painfully obvious after he got his hair clipped short. In fact, after his hair cut there was a lot of buzz around how quickly he was actually losing his hair.

Prince Williams receding hairline has served as a punchline for his loved ones, including younger brother Prince Harry and his wife Kate Middleton.

But he doesn’t take any of it to heart and even makes a few jokes himself.

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