Rare “Two-Faced” Kitten Grows Into The Most Handsome Boy And We Can’t Stop Staring At Him

A beautiful cat unlike any other is making headlines this week after his unique markings have taken everyone by storm.

Narnia is the cat with two faces that people just can’t get enough of. His fur is the result of a genetic mutation where two embryos fused together. The one side of his face is completely black, but the other is grey with a little white chin.

He was supposed to be a pair of siblings, but he instead became one of the most unique and stunning cats with his fur split in an almost perfect line right down the center of his face.

His big blue eyes manage to look stunning on both hair colors, as do most other cats like him.  

Chimera cats are what they call these split faced cats that happen every once and a while. While they may be rare, they are always absolutely breathtaking.

In a photoshoot done by Jean-Michel Labat, Narnia got to show off just how gorgeous he’s gotten now that he’s is all grown up.

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