Seeing How Much Things Cost 50 Years Ago Will Make You Want To Go Back In Time

If you grew up in the 1960s, you’re probably not impressed by much these days.

You grew up in a world facing the threat of nuclear war, and – even scarier – before cell phones were invented.

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In case you’re curious just how much things have changed, take a trip down memory lane with these surprising facts about 1968:

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In case you need a refresher, 1968 was the year the world saw the first heart transplant, the first ATM machine, and some seriously bold fashion choices.

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The average annual salary was a modest $7,143, so if you wanted to buy a family home you had to save up.

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While older property was cheaper, new homes ranged from $14,000-26,000.

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Still, your pay was more than enough to buy your weekly grocery staples. A dozen eggs cost just 53 cents, while a gallon of milk would set you back $1.07.


A copy of The New York Times was 10 cents, except for the Sunday edition, which was a whopping 30 cents.

But buying your groceries was just the start of your week, and you still had spending money left over for something special.

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