Skip The Gym: New Wearable Patch Burns Fat Without Exercise

What’s the one problem area on your body that you just can’t seem to shrink – let’s be honest, we all have one.

Whether it’s sagging arms, a bulging waist or those infamous love handles, these unsightly areas are so difficult to get control of that they drive us to give up on our exercise routine and just grab a burger. As long as human beings have been exercising, we’ve been searching for an easy way to “spot reduce” these fat deposits.

Now, scientists may have finally answered our prayers with a wearable patch that shrinks fat wherever you apply it on your body. Yes, it’s really that simple. The miracle patch was developed by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center and the University of North Carolina.

White fat compared to brown fat.Dr. Oz

The “one simple trick” it uses to help you lose weight relies on an unexpected helper: baby fat. Babies are born with a high concentration of “brown fat,” which actually burns fat to keep them warm. As we age, that healthy brown fat turns into chunkier “white fat,” which has less health benefits.

Columbia University Medical Center

The patch “browns” white fat using microscopic needles – we’re talking really small, like 400 times thinner than a human hair, so don’t get squeamish – and specifically targets whatever part of your body you place it on.

And scientists have already seen some very effective results from the patch’s first test…

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