Tammy Wynette’s Daughter Spills Secrets About Her Mother’s Troubled Life, And Being The Target Of A Mysterious Stalker

She’s been gone for nearly 20 years, but Tammy Wynette’s celebrity has barely faded.

The “First Lady of Country Music” may have passed away, but she still has just as many fans as any new singer. Her classic records, including “Stand by Your Man” and “Golden Ring,” are still staples of any country music station, and her tragic and fascinating life story still draws a lot of interest.

Growing up, Wynette lived in a house with no running water. It’s rumored spending her early life living paycheck to paycheck was so difficult that she kept her cosmetology license for the rest of her life, in case her career in the music industry slowed down and she needed to find work.

But even as one of America’s most popular musicians, Wynette’s life was anything but easy. Wynette’s daughter Georgette Jones, 46, has revealed just how much stress her family endured  in a new interview with Fox Radio’s Children of the Song podcast.

“We had death threats and kidnapping threats, our house was set on fire and our house was flooded,” she explains, “You know, a lot of crazy things going on, so I was a very scared young girl. My older sisters luckily had a little bit of a childhood before that happened. And so they were a little more capable I guess of dealing with that.”

One incident was so frightening that Jones claims she’s had to block it out of her mind…

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