Teacher Gets Creative To Teach Computer Skills, Even Though He Doesn’t Have A Computer

The job of a teacher is often a difficult, thankless one. Despite this, the best teachers we’ve had have made their jobs look effortless, even in the face of the most challenging circumstances. Owura Kwadwo is one such teacher. When the young teaching college graduate was assigned to teach computer literacy at a primary school, he thought the posting would be uneventful at best. But this was not the case. You see, Owura Kwadwo was assigned to teach computer literacy at a school without a computer.

The headmistress of the school, which is located in Northern Ghana, told journalists that the only laptop the school had broke down in 2015. It had been donated to them by a philanthropist and, before it broke, was used to teach computer literacy to all 430 students. Since 2015, the school had been unable to raise funds to replace the laptop, leaving students without any form of technology to learn from.

“It’s a big problem for us that we have an Information and Technology teacher in the school and yet there is no laptop for us to use to teach the students,” she said.

This was the school Owura Kwadwo wound up teaching at. He was determined not to leave the students without some knowledge of how to use a computer. What he did next has won the hearts of people around the world, with many calling for him to receive an award.

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