Teenager’s Track Pants Are Causing An Optical Illusion That Has Everyone Baffled

If anyone tells you growing up without perfect eyesight has its perks, they’re lying to you.

If you’re like me and need glasses to see essentially everything, games that involve intensive imagery can be tricky, particularly if you’re playing with your friends who have 20/20 vision.

This includes optical illusions, which without fail, give me a headache every time.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love the wonky images that make me do a double, triple, or quadruple take, and that includes this latest picture that’s been all over the web.

Marisol Villanueva, 18, recently took to Twitter to show off her latest outfit, but left social media baffled by her legs.

In what would be considered a regular outfit, Villanueva, who lives in Granada, Spain, took a snapshot of herself wearing an oversized sweater and a pair of track pants.

While she harmlessly captioned her post: “yea i just combined vertical and horizontal stripes,” a tidal wave of comments were soon to emerge.

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